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Cyborg 009 ( Japaneseサ イ ボ ー グ 009 saibōgu 009 ) is a manga series by the Japanese illustrator Shōtarō Ishinomori (including Kamen Rider ) that was filmed in several anime films and television series. It belongs to the science fiction genre and is about nine cyborgs who fight for their freedom.


Nine people of different origins are kidnapped by the secret organization Black Ghost and turned into cyborgs with superpowers against their will . However, the cyborgs manage to escape. They join forces and fight the secret organization that wants to unleash a new world war.

The cyborgs come from different countries. Cyborg 001 comes from Russia, 002 from New York City , 003 from France, 004 from Germany, 005 from the south of the USA, 006 from China, 007 from Great Britain and 008 from Africa. The focus of the manga and its film adaptations, however, is the ninth, Japanese cyborg, Joe Shimamura.



Cyborg 009 appeared in Japan from 1964 to 1986 in individual chapters in numerous manga magazines such as Shōnen Magazine , Shōnen King , COM , Shōnen Sunday , Monthly Shōnen Jump , Shōnen Big Comic and Shōjo Comic . The Akita Shoten Publishing House published this individual chapters in 36 anthologies.

The manga was also published by Tokyopop in the USA .


In 1966 Toei Animation produced the first cartoon about Cyborg 009 . This was continued in 1967 with another film Cyborg 009 - Monster Wars .
The first anime series based on the manga was produced by Sunrise Inc. and Toei Animation and broadcast on Japanese television from April to September 1968. The series consists of 26 episodes and contributed significantly to the success of Cyborg 009 .

The next 50-part series was made between 1979 and 1980. Neither the first two films nor the first two series have been released in German so far.

A sequel to the second series was produced in 1980 with the film Cyborg 009 - Legend of the Super Galaxy . This film is available in a German dubbed version, which is marketed in two parts under the names Raumstation Cyborg 009 and Dangerous Countdown for Cyborg 009 on DVD (with the wrong running time and without specifying the sequel character). Well-known voice actors such as Hans-Jürgen Dittberner , Manfred Lehmann , Ronald Nitschke , Horst Gentzen , Joachim Cadenbach , Gerd Duwner or Friedrich W. Bauschulte could be won over for the synchronization.

From 2001 to 2002 the manga was again turned into an anime series. This film version consists of 52 episodes and was broadcast on TV Tokyo .

On October 27, 2012, a movie called 009 Re: Cyborg opened in Japanese cinemas. This was animated by Production IG under the direction of Kenji Kamiyama . This film was licensed by Universum Anime for German-speaking countries .

In 2017, the anime sequel Cyborg 009 - Call of Justice was released as Netflix Original on Netflix. The continuation is u. a. available as German synchro.

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