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Sketch of the roof ridge
Ridge tile, from left to right: ridge beginner, (normal) ridge tile, ridge compensation tile
The roof ridge is a popular place to attach roof decorations .
Ridge purlin in the roof structure

As a ridge (short ridge ) is defined as the most horizontal upper edge of a gable roof or other roof types . With vaulted and round, barrel-shaped roof structures, the ridge runs at the apex of the arch. With a tent roof , the ridge is reduced to a ridge point as the top point of the roof.

Word origin

The origin of the word First can be traced back to First = first, Oberster von Fürst ( ahd. Furisto  = the first, cf. English first  = first); the term has been linguistically transferred to the top line of a house.


In most cases the ridge is horizontal, but like the eaves , it can run with a positive or negative slope. One then speaks of a rising or falling ridge. This particular case makes the Schiftung and the joinery of the roof truss very demanding.

The roof covering on the ridge consists of tile roofs from the ridge tiles or ridge stones. The ridge of a tiled roof is either placed in mortar or screwed on with dry elements (dry ridge ). The ridge as the highest point of a roof can also take on the function of roof ventilation.

Significance in planning law

In building law, the ridge height, like the wall height, is often an important building specification with which the planning law admissibility of a building project is assessed. Only when the ridge and wall heights are known can the spacing areas for the gable ends of a building be determined.

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  • The roof turret is a turret that is built over the ridge of a roof and is usually built on the roof structure.
  • The gable cross is a roof ornament where the extended verges cross at the ridge.