Dahlum (Imperial Palace)

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Imperial Palace Dahlum
Palatinate today under grassland with uneven soil forms

Palatinate today under grassland with uneven soil forms

Creation time : First mentioned 10th century
Castle type : Königspfalz
Conservation status: Burgstall
Standing position : King, Emperor
Place: at Königsdahlum , town of Bockenem in the Hildesheim district
Geographical location 51 ° 59 '9.2 "  N , 10 ° 7' 12.7"  E Coordinates: 51 ° 59 '9.2 "  N , 10 ° 7' 12.7"  E
Dahlum (Lower Saxony)

In the Middle Ages, Dahlum was a palace in Ambergau near today's Königsdahlum .


The Palatinate was around 4 km south of Bockenem . It was on a low mountain spur , around which the small river Nette flows almost in a semicircle . The hill rises approx. 15 m above the floodplain .

The old Pfalzplatz on the Dahlumer Berg can be reached via the street "An der Kaiserpfalz". It meanders along the Nette bank and joins the well-known Königsweg , which - coming from the royal court of Brüggen on the Leine - continued via Dahlum to the Werla palace .


The Palatinate is one of the five Palatinate plants in what is now Lower Saxony, alongside Goslar , Werla , Grona and Pöhlde . Structural remains of the Palatinate are no longer available. In the place of the Palatinate there is now a private house surrounded by grassland. Therefore the Palatinate area is not accessible. After centuries of quarrying, it shows a restless topography. The stones of the Palatinate were used as building material in earlier centuries. In addition, the underground of the castle hill was suitable as a quarry and as early as 1355 the town of Bockenem acquired the castle hill in Dahlum to break stone. Most of the remains of the Palatinate were probably finally destroyed. During an archaeological excavation in 1909, there were smaller finds (key and tripod). The Palatine Chapel and 16 burial places were found in further excavations.


A total of six documents can be identified that were issued by Otto I during his stay in Dahlum. He stayed at his royal court in Dahlum in the years 936, 938, 941, 945 and 950. These years were also the heyday of dahlum. Otto I spent Christmas there several times, so that it was counted among the Christmas trees. In 1001 Otto III. the Palatinate to Hildesheim Bishop Bernward . In 1009 she came to Gandersheim Abbey . In 1192 the palace was destroyed by Heinrich the Lion .


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