Daniel Ramseier

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Daniel Ramseier medal table

Dressage riding

SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland
Olympic Summer Games
silver 1988 Team
(with random )
World championships
bronze 1986 team
bronze 1990 team
European championships
silver 1987 Team
(with Orlando CH )
bronze 1989 Team
(with random )

Daniel Ramseier (born July 29, 1963 in Zurich ) is a former Swiss dressage rider .


Ramseier is the son of Doris Ramseier (* 1939), who is also a former Swiss dressage rider and Olympic participant.

At the 1986 World Dressage Championships in Canada, Ramseier won the bronze medal behind Germany and the Netherlands together with Christine Stückelberger , Claire Koch and his mother Doris. Four years later, Ramseier was able to win bronze again with the Swiss team at the 1990 World Championships in Stockholm , which have since been renamed World Equestrian Games .

In 1987 Ramseier took part in Orlando CH and together with Stückelberger, Otto Hofer and Ulrich Lehmann for the first time in the European Championships in dressage at Goodwood House , where he and his team won the silver medal behind the FRG. Two years later he joined Hofer, Lehmann and Samuel Schatzmann again in team dressage at the EM 1989 in Bad Mondorf and this time achieved bronze for Switzerland behind the FRG and the Soviet Union.

At the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul , he won the silver medal in team dressage behind the West German team and ahead of Canada on Random together with Hofer, Schatzmann and Stückelberger . In the individual dressage, he took eleventh place.

Twelve years later he competed again in the dressage competitions of the Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney , but missed Olympic medals here with 13th place in the individual dressage and seventh place with the Swiss team in the team dressage . Even in the dressage competitions of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens , Ramseier was unable to build on his success in Seoul; here he was only 45th in the individual dressage and tenth with the Swiss team in the team dressage.

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