The secret of the third planet

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German title The secret of the third planet
Original title Тайна Третьей планеты
Тайна третий планеты мульфильм скрин.png
Country of production Soviet Union
original language Russian
Publishing year 1981
length 50 minutes
Director Roman Kachanov
script Kir Bulychov
music Aleksandr Zacepin

The Secret of the Third Planet (OT: Russian Тайна третьей планеты , transcribed Taina tretjei planety ) is a Soviet Fantasy - / science fiction - animated film by Roman Katschanow .


Towards the end of the 22nd century, the experienced spaceship pilot Zelenyy ( Green ) went on a space expedition on board the " Pegas ", together with natural history professor Selesnjow and his little daughter Alissa Selesnjowa , in order to find rare animals for the Moscow zoo. On the advice of the archaeologist Gromoseka, they turn to Doctor Verkhovtsev, the director of the Museum of the Two Captains , and ask him for help. The Two Captains are legendary commanders (Kim and Buran) who mysteriously disappeared. Verkhovtsev, however, behaves very strangely towards the researchers. He refuses to show them the captains' diaries and begins to spy on the expedition. The research group struck gold on the planet Bluk and bought some valuable animal specimens, including a talking bird named Govorun. It is the bird of the missing Captain Kim. When the seedy Merry Fellow Oo tries to steal the talking bird, it gradually dawns on the research group that Dr. Verkhovtsev is the head of a mysterious conspiracy responsible for the disappearance of the legendary Two Captains . Govorun (the bird) himself makes important contributions to deciphering the riddle and uncovering the conspiracy. On their onward journey, the protagonists save a robot from the planet Shelezyaka from dangerous diamond dust that someone had added to its lubricating oil. On a planet in the jellyfish system, her third destination, Alissa finds the mirrors - flowers with an infinite memory that, if desired, show the viewer everything that happened before their time. With the help of the mirrors , the film heroes learn that Verkhovtsev and Merry Fellow Oo are also on the planet. The attempt to escape to a safe place with the Pegas fails; they fall into the trap of the conspirators. Selesnjow and Grün (the pilot) are captured by pirates, Alissa is able to escape. She runs into the arms of the missing captain Buran, who has just landed on the planet, in whose company a double of Dr. Verkhovtsev is located. It turns out that the conspirator is not the real scientist. Alissa asks the two of them for help. In the meantime, Merry Fellow Oo is blackmailing Captain Kim, who is held captive on the ship, to murder the two prisoners if he continues to refuse to reveal the secret formula for an infinite fuel. Before Kim collapses, Buran can find the ship, penetrate and rescue the prisoners. The double of the scientist Dr. Verkhovtsev, whose real name is Glot , is eliminated. Merry Fellow Oo is picked up by the bird of prey Krok while trying to escape from the scene. The spaceship captains return to earth with the professor and his daughter.

Cast and dubbing

role Speaker ( Soviet Union ) Soviet UnionSoviet Union  Speaker ( Germany ) GermanyGermany 
Alissa Seleznyova Olga Gromova
Professor Seleznyov Vsevolod Larionov
Green (pilot Zelyonyy) Yuri Wolynzew
Govorun & Robots from the planet Shelezyaka Vladimir Kenigson
Verhovtcev Pyotr Vishnyakov
Gromozeka Vasily Liwanow
Kim Vladimir Druzhnikov
Buran Nikolay Grabbe
Uu Grigoriy Schpigel
Anciana (old woman at the space center) Rina Seljonaja
Navigator Bassow Yuri Andreyev


As part of the 17th Animated Film Festival in Suzdal , the “Golden Hundred”, a list of the 100 best Russian and Soviet cartoons and animated films of the past 100 years, was chosen to mark the 100th anniversary of the first Russian cartoon. The secret of the Third Planet ranks 67th on this list presented during the opening ceremony. Once upon a time there was a dog , Eduard Nazarov's adaptation of a Ukrainian folk tale, was honored on this list as the most important animated film of the last 100 years .

"This animated sci-fi adventure teaches younger viewers an important lesson about honesty while chronicling the adventures of a brave space pilot and his little girl."

- Rotten Tomatoes : Sandra Brennan, Rovi

"This animated sci-fi adventure gives its young viewers a meaningful lesson about honesty wrapped in the adventure story of a courageous space pilot and his little daughter."

Rotten Tomatoes determined an average approval rate of 78% from 93 audience ratings, with an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

Three registered users of the online film database gave an average of 6.67 out of 10 points.

Google determined an approval rate of 88% in the Knowledge Graph.

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