A child's secret

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German title A child's secret
Original title Disparation
Country of production France , Switzerland
original language French
Publishing year 2005
length 120 minutes
Director Laurent Carcélès
script Alain Krief
production Thomas Anargyros
Edouard de Vésinne
music Carolin Petit
camera Thierry Schwartz
cut Marie Dominique Danjou
Edith Paquet

The secret of a child (original title: Disparition ) is a French - Swiss thriller from 2005 . Directed by Laurent Carcélès , the script was written by Alain Krief .


The action takes place in a provincial town in northern France. The ten-year-old son Lucas of the divorced editor Alice Vernon is missing. It is feared that he could be another victim of the sex killer who killed little Bruno Verdi a year earlier. Vernon is desperate, which is why the previously known bookseller Didier comforts her and helps her with the search. The police suspected the man at times as a perpetrator.

The authorities later suspect Gerard Ferreux, who has no alibi. Since he had an intimate meeting with the inspector's son, which could become public, he commits suicide. Another child's body is found, which makes it clear to the police that Ferreux was not the culprit.

When a book that Lucas last read disappears from Alice Vernon's house, Vernon is certain that her son is alive and that Simon will help him. Lucas is hiding in a WWII bunker on the Atlantic coast . Simon tells Lucas that his foster father Victor Merel is responsible for the deaths of Bruno Verdi and the last Roma boy found and that Merel sexually abused him. Lucas doesn't want to see that his mother is very worried about him, that Simons thinks she loves him.

Merel learns what she suspects from Alice Vernon and goes in search of Lucas after trying to beat the truth out of Simon. Simon escapes to Alice Vernon, who calls the police. Now start the search for Merel. Merel finds Lucas in the bunker and wants to kidnap him from there. However, Simon leads Alice Vernon and her friend Didier to the bunker. Merel is arrested by the police who have just arrived. Lucas is found unharmed by his mother.


Film-Dienst wrote that the film was a "thriller that was less interested in the external plot than in the inner workings and feelings of its protagonists" . His characters are "confronted with mistrust, despair, guilt and emptiness" and are "desperately looking for a person of integrity" .

The magazine TV14 19/2008 wrote that the film was "strong" but "sensitively staged" .


The film was shot in Belgium . The premiere took place on September 24, 2005 in Switzerland, on May 6, 2006 in France and on May 8, 2007 in Germany.

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