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Common stingray (Dasyatis pastinaca)

Common stingray ( Dasyatis pastinaca )

Subclass : Euselachii
Subclass : Plate gill (Elasmobranchii)
without rank: Stingray (batoidea)
Order : Myliobatiformes
Family : Stingrays (Dasyatidae)
Genre : Dasyatis
Scientific name
Rafinesque , 1810

Dasyatis is a genus of the stingray family(Dasyatidae). The fish are found in the Atlantic , Mediterranean and Southwest Indian Oceans . The common stingray ( Dasyatis pastinaca )up to 2.5 m long lives in European coastal waters.


Dasyatis species are small to medium-sized rays and reach a disc width of 38 to 84 cm. This is strong and rhombic in shape. The tips of the pectoral fins are narrowly rounded or angular. The muzzle has a wide-angled shape and is short. The eyes are medium to large in size and protrude slightly. The nostrils are surrounded by wide, skirt-shaped folds of skin. The tail is strong, but at the end it is thin like a filament. It reaches 1.2 to 2.3 times the body disc width. The tail base is wide to very wide and flattened. The sting sits near the base of the tail. The dorsal skin fold is low or reduced to a ridge, the ventral skin fold is low (stronger in D. pastinaca ). The pelvic fins are medium to large in size and protrude well below the body disc. The back is smooth without a middle row of thorns or fields of thorns. Only very large, adult specimens occasionally have well-developed thorns on the tail end.

The back side of the Dasyatis species is plain or patterned, the belly side is white. The edges of the body disc are sometimes set off dark. The tail is monochrome, the end is dark.

Species of the genus Dasyatis

The Dasyatis genus originally included over 35 species from all tropical and subtropical seas. Most of them were assigned to other genera (e.g. Hemitrygon , Hypanus or Fontitrygon ) in a revision of Dasyatidae published in mid-2016 . Today only five species belong to the Dasyatis genus .

Dasyatis tortonesei


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