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David Ancillon ("the younger" to distinguish himself from his father of the same name; * February 22, 1670 in Metz , † November 16, 1723 in Berlin ) was a Prussian Reformed pastor and diplomat.


Ancillon was a son of the pastor and theologian David Ancillon the Elder. Ä. He studied at the University of Geneva from 1684 . When his father fled France after the edict of Nantes was repealed and was appointed preacher of the Huguenot community in Berlin in 1686 , Ancillon was able to study in Frankfurt an der Oder with a scholarship from the Great Elector . He was ordained as early as 1689 and assigned to his father as an adjunct. When he died in September 1692, Ancillon took over his pastoral office and was also appointed court preacher to the Elector of Brandenburg . He held both offices until his death.

King Friedrich I often used him in diplomatic missions. In 1700 he briefly served as ambassador to England. In 1701/02 he worked in Switzerland. He was particularly heavily involved in the negotiations to secure the Prussian succession in Neuchâtel , where he had personal relationships, especially with his college friend Jean Frédéric Ostervald . In 1709 he traveled to Poland and Hungary for negotiations.


Ancillon's marriage to Susanne Meusnier had 17 children.


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