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David Ancillon ("the elder" to distinguish himself from his son of the same name; born March 17, 1617 in Metz , † September 3, 1692 in Berlin ) was a French, later Prussian Reformed theologian and pastor.


Ancillon was a son of the lawyer Abraham Ancillon, who despite his Reformed creed became a member of the parliament of Metz. After studying at the University of Geneva in 1633, he became a pastor in Meaux in 1641 . In 1653 he returned to his hometown as a pastor and worked as a journalist in addition to community work. He wrote against Richelieu an apology by Luther , Zwinglis , Calvins and Bezas as well as a biography of Guillaume Farel . A public disputation with the Roman Catholic Bishop Pierre Bédacier also gave him great prestige.

After the edict of Nantes was repealed , he fled to Frankfurt am Main with a large part of his congregation in 1685 and quickly found a job as a preacher in neighboring Hanau . In the following year he was appointed preacher of the Huguenot community in Berlin by the Great Elector , who strongly encouraged the settlement of French Protestants in Brandenburg . As a special decoration of honor, the elector also appointed him court preacher .


From Ancillon's marriage to Marie Machard, among others, the Prussian lawyer and diplomat Charles Ancillon , who wrote his father's first biography, and the theologian David Ancillon the Younger (1670–1723), who succeeded his father as pastor and court preacher. Other descendants also achieved high positions in the Prussian state; the great-great-grandson Jean Pierre Frédéric Ancillon became the tutor of the future King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia and foreign minister.

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