David Milman

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David Pinchusowitsch Milman ( Russian Давид Пинхусович Мильман ; Hebrew דוד מילמן; * March  30, 1912 in Chechelnyk near Vinnytsia , Ukraine ; † July 12, 1982 in Tel Aviv ) was a Ukrainian - Israeli mathematician .

The date of birth was later dated January 1, 1913 by a registrar "for the sake of simplicity". In 1929 the family moved to Odessa . There he was admitted to the state university in 1931 and graduated in 1934. For reasons of "social origin" he was denied further mathematics education until 1937. He was then able to continue studying under MG Krein and received his doctorate in 1939. Then he was a lecturer at the polytechnic institute, but had to leave the university after the end of the war with the dismissal of Kreins. Milman then taught at the Institute for Communication in Odessa until he immigrated to Israel in 1974 , where he immediately took up a professorship at Tel Aviv University .

David Milman's main mathematical field of work was functional analysis . The Milman theorem on the reflexivity of uniformly convex spaces and the Kerin-Milman theorem on the extreme points of compact convex sets are associated with his name .

He is the father of the Canadian mathematician Pierre Milman and the Israeli mathematician Vitali Milman (professor in Tel-Aviv).


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