Dean Lukin

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Dean Lukin (born May 26, 1960 ) is a retired Australian weightlifter.


Dean Lukin was from Port Lincoln, SA / Australia . Up to the age of 15 he mainly played swimming, soccer, basketball and Australian football. Then the coach of the football team, Leon Holm, intended to build a weightlifting team at the school Dean Lukin attended at the time, and persuaded Dean to participate. It soon showed his extraordinary potential for this sport and from then on he devoted himself entirely to weightlifting. After school, Dean Lukin became a tuna fisherman, but was always able to combine his job with training. In 1984 he was Olympic champion in the super heavyweight division, but due to the Olympic boycott, almost all competitors from the Eastern Bloc were absent from this competition. At that time he secured his victory with an impressive shock performance of 240 kg, with which he overtook the American Mario Martinez, who was 12.5 kg ahead of him after the break. This performance was 16 kg below the world record of Vasily Alexejew at the time. After completing his weightlifting career, he lost more than 50 kg through a targeted diet and worked as an independent tuna fisherman again.

International success

(OS = Olympic Games, SS = super heavyweight)

  • 1982, 1st place , British Commonwealth Games, in Brisbane , SS, with 377.5 kg, ahead of Bod Edmond, Australia , 347.5 kg and Bassey Ironbar, Nigeria , 320 kg;
  • 1984, gold medal , OS in Los Angeles , SS, with 412.5 kg, ahead of Mario Martinez , USA , 410 kg and Manfred Nerlinger , Germany , 397.5 kg;
  • 1986, 1st place , British Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh , SS, with 392.5 kg, ahead of Dave Boldur, Canada , 347.5 kg and Charles Gazzarella, Australia, 342.5 kg