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Basic data

developer lat / lon
Current  version 3.4.11
(December 8, 2019)
operating system Java platform
programming language Java
category Geographic information system
License LGPL ( free software )
German speaking Yes

Deegree ( spelling deegree ) is a free Java framework for managing and displaying geographic data. The software implements specifications of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the ISO (ISO / TC 211). The extensive software is under the LGPL license and arose from a project called “JaGO”. Deegree is a joint project of the company lat / lon and the Geographical Institute of the University of Bonn .


Deegree enables, for example, geographical data to be managed in databases such as PostGIS or Oracle Spatial and Graph, to be provided with metadata, to be queried and manipulated via frontends and to manage rights to certain views of a map.


Deegree implements the following OGC services:



iGeoPortal is a browser-based client that is based on the services WMS, WFS and Proxy Service and is mainly used to control the WMS.


deeJUMP is a Java desktop client with which the services WMS and WFS can be used.

Desktop GIS


iGeoDesktop is a platform-independent desktop GIS. It is possible to integrate vector and raster data as well as OGC services such as WMS and WFS .

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