Geospatial Data Abstraction Library

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Geospatial Data Abstraction Library

Basic data

Maintainer Frank Warmerdam
developer OSGeo
Current  version 3.0.1
(June 28, 2019)
operating system cross-platform
programming language C.
category Program library
License MIT license
German speaking No

The Geospatial Data Abstraction Library ( GDAL ) is a free program library for the translation of spatial raster data . As a program library, it offers the calling programs a uniform data model for all supported formats. However, it also contains various command line programs with which data can be edited and converted directly.

The OGR Simple Features Library ( OGR ) offers similar functions for vector data and is included in the package.

GDAL was developed by Frank Warmerdam in C and C ++ (up to version 1.3.2), then by the GDAL / OGR project management committee of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation .

Supported formats

In addition to the common formats for raster data, namely JFIF , GIF , PNG and GeoTIFF , GDAL can read over 60 other data formats. However, not all of these formats can also be written. OGR supports over 20 vector data formats, but cannot convert to all supported formats either.

Raster format

format read write georef.
JFIF Yes Yes Yes
GIF Yes Yes No
PNG Yes Yes No
GeoTIFF Yes Yes Yes
GeoPackage Yes Yes Yes

Vector format

format code Write Georef. default
Aeronav FAA files AeronavFAA No Yes Yes
AmigoCloud API AmigoCloud Yes Yes no, needs Libcurl
ESRI ArcObjects ArcObjects No Yes no, ESRI needs ArcObjects
Arc / Info binary coverage AVCBin No Yes Yes
Arc / Info .E00 (ASCII) coverage AVCE00 No Yes Yes
Arc / Info Generate ARCGEN No No Yes
Atlas BNA BNA Yes No Yes
AutoCAD DWG DWG No No no, Open Design Alliance needs Teigha library
AutoCAD DXF DXF Yes No Yes
Carto Carto Yes Yes no, needs Libcurl
Cloudant / CouchDB Cloudant Yes Yes no, needs Libcurl
CouchDB / GeoCouch CouchDB Yes Yes no, needs Libcurl
Comma Separated Value (.csv) CSV Yes No Yes
OGC CSW (Catalog Service for the Web) CSW No Yes no, needs Libcurl
Czech Cadastral Exchange Data Format VFK No Yes no, needs libsqlite3
DB2 Spatial DB2ODBC Yes Yes no, needs ODBC library
DODS / OPeNDAP DODS No Yes no, needs Libdap
ElasticSearch ElasticSearch Yes Yes no, needs libcurl
ESRI FileGDB FileGDB Yes Yes no, needs FileGDB API library
ESRI Personal GeoDatabase PGeo No Yes no, needs ODBC library
ESRI ArcSDE SDE No Yes no, ESRI needs SDE
ESRI Shapefile / DBF ESRI Shapefile Yes Yes Yes
FMEObjects Gateway FMEObjects Gateway No Yes no, needs FME
GeoJSON GeoJSON Yes Yes Yes
Géoconcept Export Geoconcept Yes Yes Yes
Geomedia .mdb Geomedia No No no, needs ODBC library
GeoPackage GPKG Yes Yes no, needs libsqlite3
GeoRSS GeoRSS Yes Yes yes (read needs Libexpat)
Google Fusion Tables GFT Yes Yes no, needs Libcurl
GML GML Yes Yes yes (read needs Xerces or Libexpat)
GMT GMT Yes Yes Yes
GPSBabel GPSBabel Yes Yes yes (needs GPSBabel and GPX driver)
GPX GPX Yes Yes yes (read needs Libexpat)
GRASS Vector Format GRASS No Yes no, needs Libgrass
GPSTrackMaker (.gtm, .gtz) GPSTrackMaker Yes Yes Yes
Hydrographic Transfer Format HTF No Yes Yes
Idrisi Vector (.VCT) Idrisi No Yes Yes
Informix DataBlade IDB Yes Yes no, Informix needs DataBlade
INTERLIS Interlis 1, Interlis 2 Yes Yes no, needs Xerces
JML OpenJUMP .jml Yes No yes (read needs Libexpat)
KML KML Yes Yes yes (read needs Libexpat)
LIBKML LIBKML Yes Yes no, needs libkml
Mapinfo File MapInfo File Yes Yes Yes
Microstation DGN DGN Yes No Yes
Access MDB (PGeo and Geomedia capable) MDB No Yes no, needs JDK / JRE
Memory Memory Yes Yes Yes
MongoDB MongoDB Yes Yes no, needs Mongo C ++ client library
MySQL MySQL No Yes no, needs MySQL library
NAS - ALKIS NAS No Yes no, needs Xerces
NetCDF netCDF Yes Yes no, needs libnetcdf
Oracle Spatial OCI Yes Yes no, needs OCI library
ODBC ODBC No Yes no, needs ODBC library
MS SQL Spatial MSSQLSpatial Yes Yes no, needs ODBC library
Open Document Spreadsheet ODS Yes No no, needs Libexpat
OGDI vectors (VPF, VMAP, DCW) OGDI No Yes no, needs OGDI library
OpenAir OpenAir No Yes Yes
ESRI FileGDB OpenFileGDB No Yes Yes
OpenStreetMap XML and PBF OSM No Yes no, needs Libsqlite3 (and Libexpat for OSM XML)
PCI Geomatics Database File PCIDSK Yes Yes yes, with internal PCIDSK SDK (from GDAL 1.7.0)
Geospatial PDF PDF Yes Yes yes (reading needs Libpoppler or Libpodofo support)
PDS PDS No Yes Yes
Planet Labs Scenes API PLScenes No Yes no, needs Libcurl
PostgreSQL SQL dump PGDump Yes Yes Yes
PostgreSQL / PostGIS PostgreSQL / PostGIS Yes Yes no, needs PostgreSQL client library (Libpq)
EPIInfo .REC REC No No Yes
S-57 (ENC) S57 No Yes Yes
SEG-P1 / UKOOA P1 / 90 SEGUKOOA No Yes Yes
Selafin / Seraphin format Selafin Yes EPSG only Yes
traditional SOSI standard SOSI No Yes no, needs FYBA library
SQLite / SpatiaLite SQLite Yes Yes no, needs Libsqlite3 or Libspatialite
SUA SUA No Yes Yes
SVG SVG No Yes no, needs Libexpat
Storage and eXchange format SXF No Yes Yes
UK .NTF UK. NTF No Yes Yes
US Census TIGER / Line TIGER No Yes Yes
VRT - Virtual Datasource VRT No Yes Yes
OGC WFS (Web Feature Service) WFS Yes Yes no, needs Libcurl
MS Excel format XLS No No no, needs Libfreexl
MS Office Open XML spreadsheet XLSX Yes No no, needs Libexpat
X-Plane / Flightgear aeronautical data XPLANE No Yes Yes
VDV-451 / VDV-452 / IDF VDV Yes Yes Yes
walk walk No Yes no, needs ODBC library
WAsP .map format WAsP Yes Yes Yes


GDAL / OGR is used by the following applications, among others, to be able to save data in various formats:

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