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Depot (from French le dépôt m. 'Warehouse', 'deposit') stands for

  • Securities deposit , a deposit option for securities with a financial service provider for a fee
  • Depot (museum) , a storage facility in museums, where inventory items that are currently not on display are kept
  • Depot fat as a term for stored neutral fat in the fatty tissue of the body, v. a. in the subcutis and abdominal cavity
  • Depot (traffic) , the shelter for vehicles of railways and transport companies (for trams, buses and trains)
  • Depot (military) , a military property used to store fuel, ammunition or equipment
  • an old military term for a substitute force, see substitute entity
  • the possibility of depositing and storing any objects, see storage
  • the Swiss term for deposit, see deposit system
  • Bottle depot , the Swiss term for bottle deposit
  • Depot (wine) , the term for deposits in wine
  • an archaeological name for a deposit
  • a drug which - administered once - is active over a prolonged release and thus effective period, see depot drug form
  • a chain of branches of the Gries Deco Holding for gift and decorative items in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Term for a transshipment warehouse in the transport chain in goods transport , mainly used in the CEP area
  • the German name of the Depo train station in the Latvian city of Riga
  • Depot (supermarket chain) , a former German retail chain

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