The Rebel (magazine)

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Der Rebell was a German-language anarchist magazine, published in Geneva and London from 1881 to 1886.

The rebel

description anarchist magazine
Area of ​​Expertise anarchism
language German
First edition 1881
attitude 1886
Frequency of publication irregular
Sold edition approx. 1000 copies
editor Erich Otto Rinke, Josef Peukert and others


The “ Organ of the Anarchists in the German Language ” (subtitle) was edited by Erich Otto Rinke , Josef Peukert and Edward Nathan-Ganz. In No. 1 the publication of the magazine was announced with the words: " This paper will appear in indefinite intervals until the day of the revolution, and the publication of every number from the Reichsanzeiger will be visible ". The first issue was free, from No. 2 it cost ten pfennigs .

With Der Rebell , the editors wanted to create an organization which, in their opinion , should accelerate the revolution . In terms of content, what happens in society and the state should be viewed critically (“ultra-radical”). The paper saw itself as an opposition to the magazine Freiheit (1879 to 1919) and to the publisher Johann Most . According to the socialist law introduced in 1878, the first edition was banned, as were numbers 2 to 4. According to police reports from March 1884, The Rebel was widespread in Germany. Parcels were confiscated in Lörrach, Hamburg and Bockenheim, among others. The places of publication were not always known due to reprisals. According to the historian Max Nettlau , No. 1 was printed in Paris or London. Rudolf Rocker was of the opinion that it had appeared in Geneva. As a cover name, London was given as " nowhere home ".

Topics of The Rebel were among others economic terrorism, the revolution is approaching! and principles explanation . The articles were intended to help "hasten the outbreak of the revolution" (No. 1) with the propaganda of the deed , political guerrilla warfare , the manufacture of explosives, as well as the denial of elections and state duties. The successors of The Rebel were the magazines Die Autonomie (1886-1893), The Anarchist (St. Louis, New York, 1889-1895) and The Fighter (St. Louis).

Anarchist magazine of the same name

The rebel , organ of the League of Free People - Anarchists. Aschersleben (Germany), circa 1939 to?. 14 issues, editing: Otto Wassrodt


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