The chariot (tarot)

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The car is one of the also major arcana -called trump cards of the Tarot .


Usually the card shows a richly dressed and armored young man sitting in a carriage that appears to be made of stone. The chariot is pulled by a white and a black sphinx .


The map is often seen as an external perfection, it represents a person who is firmly rooted in life and thus has the necessary background to develop his personality. If one divides the major arcana into three rows of sevens, the chariot comes to rest under temperance and the world. This is interpreted as the three levels of the human being, the map VII as the external, the body (external stability), the XIV. Map as the spiritual (equanimity, equanimity, inner calm) and the XXI. Map as the spiritual / soul (Unio mystica). In this arrangement the chariot also means the perfect magician or the perfect sage.


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