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The German Forum Party ( DFP ) was a party in the final phase of the GDR .

The party was a spin-off from the New Forum , one of the GDR citizens' movements at the time of reunification . The party was founded on January 27, 1990 in Karl-Marx-Stadt . Its first chairman was Jürgen Schmieder , his deputy Bernhard Opitz . In the political spectrum, the DFP classified itself as the “people 's party of the political center ”. The President of the Bundestag, Rita Süssmuth, attended the founding party conference as a guest from what was then the Federal Republic .

Before the East German parliamentary elections in 1990 the party received the offer to join the electoral coalition Alliance for Germany to join. However, this she turned down, although she took part in the talks. On February 12, 1990, she instead joined the Bund Free Democrats (BFD), the liberal electoral alliance. In the first free Volkskammer election on March 18, 1990, the alliance achieved 5.3% and thus 21 seats. Seven DFP members entered parliament on this list; Jürgen Schmieder became Vice President of the People's Chamber. Lothar Ramin has been the new managing director since the end of April.

In the local elections in May 1990, the DFP received only a few votes on its own.

On August 11, 1990, the parties of the BFD merged with the West German FDP .

Files and minutes of the DFP are in the archive of liberalism of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Gummersbach .

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