German Wachtelhund

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German Wachtelhund
German Wachtelhund
FCI Standard No. 104
Origin :


Alternative names:

German quail

Withers height:

Males : 48–54 cm.
Bitches: 45–52 cm


between 18 and 25 kg

List of domestic dogs

The German Wachtelhund is a German dog breed recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) ( No. 104, Gr. 8, Sec. 2 ) . The AKC has listed the breed in its Foundation Stock Service since October 10, 2011 for possible recognition .

Origin and history

The breed name as well as the dog type can be proven in the literature over centuries. Since 1903, the German Spaniel is a breed dog with proven pedigree in pure culture bred. Rudolf Frieß enforced a separate breeding of the brown and brown roan colors. In the Association for German spaniels , the only breed club for this breed in the VDH , 2017 604 puppies were thrown .


Up to 54 cm tall and 30 kg heavy hunting dog . He has strong, close-fitting, mostly wavy, occasionally curly (Astrakhan) or straight long hair with a thick undercoat. The ears of the dogs are set high and wide, hanging flat without twisting close behind the eye.

Shades of color

There are two colors:

  • Solid brown, more rarely also red; often with white or moldy markings on the chest and toes
  • Brown mold, more rarely also red mold; the basic color is brown or red hair mixed closely with white; often with a brown or red head, as well as plates, also a coat over the whole back. This color scheme also includes piebalds with a white base color and large brown or red plates as well as tigers, in which the white base color is also speckled or spotted with brown or red tufts.

When the CACIB is awarded, the lofts are not separated.

Use and essence

The versatile dog breed, which belongs to the browsing dogs , has a very loving nature. The Wachtelhund is the all-rounder for the forest hunter and at the same time family dog . Quail dogs are usually very fine-nosed, have a strong will to find and are fond of retrieving. Due to its innate joy in water, the German Wachtelhund is often used for hunting ducks.

Through their ability to work independently, their page will which firmly established track volume and its intelligent Wild sharpness this breed has been used for several years increasingly in the push and Flushing hunting on hoofed used in large forest complexes. Due to its pronounced hunting behavior, the German Wachtelhund is only suitable for hunters and foresters. Therefore it is usually only given to hunters.

Tests within the scope of hunting

  • Youth test (JP), consisting of system tests nose, track volume, track will, track security, browsing, water pleasure and shot resistance
  • Aptitude test (EP), consisting of welding work , hauling work with fetching in the field and forest, rummaging, obedience, water work, with rabbit trail
  • Aptitude test usability (EPB), consisting of welding work , hauling work with retrieving in the field and forest, rummaging, obedience, water work, without hare trace
  • Usage test (GP), consisting of rummaging, water work, heavy rapport (feathered and haired game), obedience, overnight welding work

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