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The blue Elise (in the English original: The Ant and the Aardvark ) is a cartoon series about a blue aardvark (in the German dubbing in most episodes simply referred to as "ant eater", less often as aardvark ), which unsuccessfully chases the clever ant Charlie . All kinds of mishaps happen to the aardvark.

In the American original, the aardvark is male and, like the ant, is spoken by the US actor John Byner . For the aardvark he imitates the voice of Jackie Mason , for the ant that of Dean Martin .

In the German synchronization created by Eberhard Storeck , the male aardvark became a female anteater (translation from Anteater).

The German version is characterized by the reproachful, old maid voice of the voice actress Marianne Wischmann (the German voice of Miss Piggy and Fran Fine's mother in Die Nanny ) and the vacuum cleaner noise of the blue Elise when she tries to catch Charlie the ant with her trunk capture. The ant is voiced by Fred Maire .

The cartoon series was produced from 1969 to 1971 in the US film studio of DePatie- Freleng Enterprises (DFE), from which the opening credits for the feature film The Pink Panther and the later cartoon series of the same name originated.

There are a total of 17 episodes with the blue Elise and the ant Charlie, each lasting 5 to 7 minutes. In Germany they have been broadcast and repeated several times since the 1970s as part of the animated series Der Rosarote Panther , and there is now a German-language DVD with all the episodes. The series is repeated to this day at irregular intervals on German television and is also used as a clip.

The episodes feature the two main characters Elise and Charlie, stylized representations of the respective species with highly humanized features, the ant has only four instead of six legs, the aardvark has suggested clothes. Both usually walk upright, have hands on their forelimbs, and have human articulation and human achievements. On the other hand, there is the stereotypical animal predatory or flight behavior.

The actions are characterized by the sometimes grotesque exaggeration of natural laws and surreal elements. No protagonist is ever permanently harmed or even killed. Wounds to the predator after accidents, often self-inflicted, mostly with explosive devices or gravity, disappeared again in the next shot.



  • Picnic with an anteater (The Ant and the Aardvark)
  • Ant with auxiliary motor (Hasty But Tasty)
  • Big mouthed anteater (The Ant From Uncle)
  • Two bears and an ant (I've Got Ants in My Plans)
  • Ant hunting with obstacles (Technology, Phooey)
  • Anteater is looking for ants (Never Bug an Ant)
  • Forbidden for anteaters! (Dune bug)
  • The Isle of ants (Isle of Caprice)


  • It's hard for an anteater (Scratch a Tiger)
  • The Chocolate Ant (Odd Ant Out)
  • Trouble with ants! (Ants in the Pantry)
  • Lucky to be an Anteater (Science Friction)
  • Brother Anteater (Mumbo Jumbo)
  • The frozen anteater (The Froze Nose Knows)
  • Ant with muscles (Do not Hustle on Ant with Muscle)


  • Ant in a Haystack (Rough Brunch)
  • Ant Diet (From Bed to Worse)

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