The incredible stories of Roald Dahl

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Television series
German title The incredible stories of Roald Dahl
Original title Tales of the Unexpected
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Year (s) 1979-1988
length 25 minutes
Episodes 112 in 9 seasons
genre Mystery
idea Roald Dahl
production John Woolf
music Ron Grainer
First broadcast March 24, 1979 (UK) on ITV
first broadcast
October 5, 1980 on ZDF

The incredible stories of Roald Dahl (original title Tales of the Unexpected ) is a mystery series based on the stories of Roald Dahl , which was produced between 1979 and 1988. Dahl himself presented the episodes in the first two seasons in a short monologue .


The episodes were initially based on short stories by Dahl, which he had already published in his books Tales of the Unexpected , Kiss Kiss and Someone Like You . During the second season, episodes were first written by other authors. From season three to the end of the series, Dahl's templates were no longer used, nor did he appear at the beginning of the episodes. In the US version, John Houseman took over the introductory monologue. The individual episodes were characterized by the fact that they usually ended with an unforeseen turn of the plot. A total of 112 episodes were created in nine seasons.


Since Tales of the Unexspected is an anthology series , there was a new cast for each episode. Many internationally successful actors were hired for the individual episodes of the series, including Peter Cushing , José Ferrer , Eli Wallach , Telly Savalas , Julie Harris , Joan Collins , Don Johnson , Shane Rimmer , George Peppard , Rod Taylor , Sir John Gielgud , Sir John Mills , Joseph Cotten , Van Johnson , Richard Basehart , Janet Leigh and Jennifer Connelly .

Film music

The theme music came from Ron Grainer , who had previously composed theme songs for number 6 and Doctor Who , among others .


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