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An anthology series (also: anthology series, series anthology or anthological TV series ) is a television series in which the episodes or seasons have a unifying theme, but - unlike in normal television series - different characters, a different plot and cast and possibly also have other, different properties or play in different fictional universes / worlds. The name anthology series is based on the term anthology , which usually stands for a collection of short stories with independent content.

If it is an anthology series in which there are the mentioned differences between the seasons, the seasons consist of eight to ten episodes on average. Each season tells a complete story. Recurring actors within the series play a different character in a different plot for each season. Anthology series of this type became particularly popular in the United States in the 2010s .


Examples of anthology series, each episode of which has a different plot, cast and character ensemble, are:

Examples of anthology series, each season of which has a different plot, cast, and character ensemble are:

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