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Montage of important events of the 2010s

The 2010s was the decade between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2019 .

The beginning of the decade lies in the glow of the worsening sovereign debt crisis in the euro area . Countries like Greece, Spain and Italy have to struggle with severe budget deficits and the resulting high unemployment. With the help of so-called rescue packages , these member states are to be saved from insolvency. For this reason, the heads of state and government of the common currency zone decided in December 2011 on the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), which is supposed to guarantee emergency loans and guarantees to the states concerned.

The decade is considered to be the hottest decade in human history and, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), was marked by “extraordinary heat, glacier melt and a worldwide rise in sea levels”. At the turn of the year 2019/2020, climate scientist Kate Marvel summed up the situation as follows: “This is the decade in which we knew we were right. It started with the warmest year on record; This record was broken at least five times afterwards. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached unprecedented levels since humans were hominins. There were droughts and floods and brutal heat waves. Coral reefs turned white and gave up. Australia is subject to the drought. The Amazon is on fire. "

The death of the greengrocer Mohamed Bouazizi , who tried to self- immolate to protest against the government's humiliating practice, sparked weeks of mass unrest in Tunisia on December 17, 2010 , as a result of which President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali was ousted and forced to flee . In the months that followed, the uprisings spread across large regions of North Africa and the Middle East, also known as the Arab Spring . In Egypt, Libya and Yemen, too, the heads of state there are overthrown or resigned, while the unrest in Syria has resulted in a civil war that continues to this day .

Against this background, and not least with regard to the growing threat posed by the Islamic State , more and more people are making their way across the Mediterranean to Europe, which in the middle of the decade led to a Europe-wide refugee crisis and, as a result, to a strengthening of right-wing populists and populists in many EU member states -extremist parties and socio-political tensions. Right-wing populism is also growing in other parts of the world, which is particularly evident in the election of Donald Trump as US President and the election of Jair Bolsonaro as President of Brazil .

Other developments that have preoccupied world politics this decade are the ongoing Korean conflict , the massive economic crisis in Venezuela , the war in Ukraine since 2014 , the nuclear dispute with Iran , the renewed tense relationship between Russia and the United States and Brexit .

In the second half of the year, there are more and more Islamistically motivated terrorist attacks in Western European cities, affecting France, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and Germany. In other parts of the world, however, the risk of Islamist terrorism continues to be higher, with the Islamic State ruling large parts of Syria and Iraq from 2014 , in northern Nigeria Boko Haram perpetrated numerous brutal acts of terrorism, in Somalia Al-Shaabab , in Afghanistan the Taliban . On the other hand, attacks motivated by right-wing extremists and Islamophobes are also shaking the western world, for example in 2011 in Norway , 2016 in Munich or 2019 in Christchurch, New Zealand .

In the societies of many countries, the use of smartphones and tablets has become common in all social classes and ages over the course of the decade , and the need for stationary computers is increasingly superfluous. The influence of the new media , especially social networks such as Facebook and Twitter , has led to a change in the formation of political opinion. Provider of streaming services entered the TV market and were by their alternative consumption model that stands out each-fetched ( Stream ) of digital media over the classic TV and its transmitters distinguishes to competitors the same.

In the last few weeks of the decade, the first cases of COVID-19 began to emerge in China , without much attention outside of China.


The most common names today are the " 2010s " or "the decade ".




Picture of a Greek demonstration in May 2011
100,000 people in Athens protest against the austerity dictates of their government, May 29, 2011
The Occupy Wall Street demonstration , 2011
French troops start attacking
Islamic militants in Mali


Examples of the production of renewable energy sources : biogas , photovoltaics and wind energy


Earthquake in Port-au-Prince , January 13, 2010

terrorist attacks

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Police vehicles at the Bataclan Theater after the terrorist attacks in Paris

Cultural history

Technology and science

Computer, communication and new media

Demonstration of the Pirate Party against PRISM during the Berlin visit of US President Barack Obama in June 2013

Physics and space travel

Curiosity on October 31, 2012 on Mars





Anti- Stuttgart-21 sticker
  • The: 2010 Stuttgart 21 - Protests escalate.
  • 2011: After the Bundestag amended the conscription law, conscription was suspended in Germany.
  • 2011: In November, the self-exposure of the right-wing extremist terrorist organization National Socialist Underground caused a sensation, including a series of murders against migrants , the police murder in Heilbronn and several bomb attacks and robberies; Investigations into the role of some security agencies are also underway.
  • 2011: In February, the Guttenberg plagiarism affair preoccupied public interest in Germany. In the dissertation of the then Federal Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg , several plagiarisms were discovered, which led to his doctorate being revoked by the University of Bayreuth. On March 1, 2011 Guttenberg announced his resignation from all federal political offices. With the help of GuttenPlag Wiki and VroniPlag Wiki , further plagiarism affairs were uncovered.
  • 2013: On January 1st, the practice fee in Germany is lifted.
  • 2013: On January 1st, long-distance bus traffic in Germany is liberalized so that, subject to certain restrictions, passengers can now also be transported on long-distance bus routes within Germany .
  • 2013: Horse meat scandal , in early January horse meat was discovered in beef in Europe .
  • 2013: On August 1st, the childcare allowance in Germany is paid to parents who look after their toddlers at home when they are two or three years old. The monthly amount is 100 euros per child, from August 2014 it is expected to be 150 euros per child. Every child has a legal right to a place in a kindergarten from their first birthday.
  • 2014: On January 1st, only the electronic health card (eGK) is officially the only valid patient insurance certificate in Germany . However, as part of an unlimited transitional arrangement, the old health insurance cards can still be scanned.
  • 2015: January 1st in Germany a nationwide general statutory minimum wage of € 8.50 gross per hour worked.
  • 2016: Horror clown phenomenon : In the fall of 2016, attacks by people in costumes, so-called horror clowns or scary clowns, on passers-by, starting in the USA. In this context, a tightening of criminal law is being discussed.
  • 2017: Same-sex marriage comes into force in Germany on October 1st .
  • 2019: Same-sex marriage also comes into force in Austria on January 1st .

In many western industrialized countries , the conditions on the labor market have changed over the course of the decade. Normal working conditions are less, but instead increases the number of temporary employees with fixed-term contracts , elimination of social security and low wages . More and more affected people see themselves increasingly threatened by in- work or old-age poverty , the term “ precariat ” summarizes this ever-growing population group and its characteristics.


watch TV

The newlyweds on the balcony of Buckingham Palace
Pressure capsule used at Red Bull Stratos , exhibited in Hangar-7 in Salzburg


Avengers: Endgame, released in 2019, is the most successful film of the 2010s and ever to date, with gross revenues of nearly $ 2.8 billion
The films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe become the most commercially successful film series ever

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  • Celebrity musicians who passed away in the 2010s include Amy Winehouse (2011), Whitney Houston (2012), David Bowie , Prince , George Michael (all 2016), Chris Cornell, and Chester Bennington (both 2017) , among others .
  • The charts and radio stations are mainly dominated by electronic dance music , often abbreviated as EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Successful DJs and producers who shape this sound include David Guetta , Avicii , Robin Schulz and Felix Jaehn .
  • In September 2012, the title Gangnam Style by the South Korean rapper Psy becomes the most popular video on YouTube . In December, it became the first video to hit a billion views. In May 2014, the video was also the first video to reach two billion views, making it the most-viewed video of all time for a long time, but has since been overtaken by several other videos. Since the artist waived the exploitation rights, there are numerous parodies and covers of the video, which contributed to the worldwide distribution of the title.
  • In February 2013 the video Harlem Shake by internet comedian Filthy Frank was uploaded. The music used comes from DJ and music producer Harry Rodrigues (also known as Baauer ). The video found more than 40,000 imitators who re-enact a dance scene like a flash mob with twitching movements and in different environments.
  • K-pop groups like BTS or Blackpink have been gaining popularity among young people since 2017 .
  • Despacito by Luis Fonsi is 2017 one of the most successful songs of the decade. It reached number one in the charts in numerous countries around the world (including the USA, Great Britain and Germany), and the video was also the most viewed video in YouTube history and was the first video on the platform to reach three billion views.

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Football World Cup 2014: World champions: Germany
Sebastian Vettel
Formula 1 world champion

Astronomical events

Smoke trail of the meteor from Yekaterinburg , about 200 km from Chelyabinsk

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