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David Guetta [ ˌdeɪvɪt ˈgɛ̝tɐ ] (born November 7, 1967 in Paris as Pierre David Guetta [ ˌpjɛːʁ daˌviːd gɛˈta ]) is a French DJ and music producer . While he was initially engaged in house music, during his breakthrough in 2009 he mainly gained a foothold in dance and electro-pop. Later, his style continued to develop in the directions of the trap , future bass and electro house .


Origin and musical beginnings

Guetta's mother Monique is a Belgian psychoanalyst and philosophy teacher. His father Pierre - a Sephardic Jew who immigrated to France from Morocco - was a sociologist and Trotskyist . The journalist and politician Bernard Guetta and the actress Nathalie Guetta are his half-siblings.

David Guetta started working as a mixer and DJ in Parisian nightclubs at the age of 16 . After releasing a few mix CDs in the late 1980s, he first became the owner of a nightclub in the French capital. In 1994 he released the single Up & Away on Dance Pool . After rather minor successes, Guetta initially disappeared from the dance scene. He started a comeback in the early 2000s.

2002–2008: First successes

David Guetta in Düsseldorf 2008

In 2002 his debut album Just a Little More Love was released , on which some titles were created in collaboration with Chris Willis. With the single releases Just a Little More Love and Love Don't Let Me Go , Guetta made a name for itself internationally for the first time. In 2004 his second studio album Guetta Blaster was released . In 2005 he celebrated another club hit with The World Is Mine . A mash-up of his song Love Don't Let Me Go and the Tocadisco remix of The Eggs Walking Away was able to prove itself in the EDM scene in 2006.

The singles Love Is Gone , Baby When The Lights , Delirious , Tomorrow Can Wait and Everytime We Touch , which followed on the album Pop Life . He also runs the music label "Gum Records", a sub-label of " Virgin Music " in France, together with Joachim Garraud . His album Pop Life was released in the summer of 2007. In the same year Guetta was awarded the prize of the best disc jockey in the world at the World Music Awards in London .

On the night of July 5, 2008, he performed with his wife Cathy, Tiësto , Joachim Garraud , Martin Solveig and Carl Cox in front of 40,000 spectators at the Stade de France . This was the first time that an event of this category of this size took place in France. The event Sensation White served as a model , in which Guetta has already participated several times as a DJ. The second edition of this event took place on July 4th, 2009 at the Stade de France. In addition to Guetta, Armin van Buuren , Sven Väth , Axwell and Steve Angello played . Guetta also appeared at the final rally of the Love Parade 2008 in Dortmund.

In July 2008 a new album F *** Me I'm Famous - International was released . F *** Me I'm Famous also stands for one of the most famous house parties in Europe, which is copied by many organizers under similar names. Since April 2009 David Guetta has had his own radio show on the Internet radio station RauteMusik.FM . Together with the Frankfurt label BigCityBeats , the station broadcasts the show every Saturday evening at 9 p.m. In addition, since January 2009 he can be heard every Saturday with his show F *** me I'm Famous on the Italian radio station m2o .

2009: One Love

David Guetta and Kelly Rowland in a live appearance with the song When Love Takes Over

In spring 2009 he and Will.i.am produced the song I Gotta Feeling for his band The Black Eyed Peas . The track became Guetta's first global success with number one placements in over 20 countries. In Germany, the song didn't get past Lady Gaga's Poker Face and Emilíana Torrini's Jungle Drum .

In August 2009, Guetta released the album One Love . For the first time, the new album includes collaborations with hip-hop and R&B artists such as Akon , Kelly Rowland , Ne-Yo , Will.i.am, Kid Cudi , Estelle . It exceeded all expectations and climbed into the top 10 both in its home country and in almost all other countries. It was sold over three million times worldwide and reached gold three times in Germany.

When Love Takes Over with Kelly Rowland was released as the first single from the album . The single reached number one in over 12 countries, including the UK for the first time . The song achieved gold status in Germany. Due to the continued strong popularity in airplay, the song made its worldwide breakthrough.

The second single Sexy Bitch with Akon was released on August 7, 2009. This could follow on from the success of When Love Takes Over and formed David Guetta's first number one hit in Germany and could achieve platinum status. While the predecessor failed to achieve a high ranking in the USA, Sexy Bitch advanced to the top 5 hits and, with 6.5 million sales, is one of the most successful titles of the year worldwide. In 2009 he was voted third best DJ in the world by the British DJ Mag , making him the best-placed house DJ.

The third single was One Love . It was released on November 23, 2009. It is sung by Estelle . In contrast to the first two singles, this one did not move up to the top of all countries. Memories, on the other hand, the fourth and final single, was able to count several million sales again and achieved gold status in Germany. The top 10 were reached in 15 other countries. The song was recorded with the hip-hop star Kid Cudi . The video in particular attracted attention, in which the focus is not on the musicians walking through the city, but on the film crew, who are reflected in window panes and mirrors and are made up of naked women.

2010: One More Love

David Guetta's logo until 2017

In April 2010 the song Gettin 'over You with Fergie , Chris Willis and LMFAO was released as a pre-release single for the deluxe album for One Love , with the title addition One More Love . The song could already be found on the standard version, but only Chris Willis was involved. According to Guetta, the Black Eyed Peas originally wanted to record the song for one of their albums, but Guetta declined. However, since Fergie was so convinced of the song that he recorded another version with her, which ultimately formed the single version.

In collaboration with Kelly Rowland , the song Commander was released on May 17, 2010 . The title was the second single from Guetta's re-release of his studio album One Love . It was also part of Rowland's album Here I Am . In contrast to their first single When Love Takes Over , this could not move to the top of the charts in several countries, but could reach the top 10 in 10 countries.

On August 18, 2010, David Guetta released the song Club Can't Handle Me in collaboration with Flo Rida . This acted as the theme song for the film Step Up 3D . In July 2010 they appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain and the USA, among others, they reached the top 10 of the single charts. In four other countries they reached the singles charts of the official singles charts. The song has over 4.5 million sales.

In autumn 2010 it rose to number 2 in the DJ-Mag charts.

Who's That Chick was released on November 22, 2010 . Singer Rihanna takes part in this song . They were able to reach the top 10 in over 25 countries and the song has almost 2.7 million sales to date. The title was the second single from the re-released album One Love , which was released on November 26, 2010 under the title One More Love . There were additional joint productions with Kelis , Madonna and Lil Wayne, among others .

2011: Nothing but the Beat

David Guetta at the MMVAs 2011

Since March 5, 2011 he has been putting on a radio show on Radio 105 every Saturday . When asked about his fifth album, David Guetta said it would be out in September 2011. His new sound is inspired by rock bands like Coldplay and Kings of Leon , he also said. On March 25, 2011, Guetta gave his first interview about his fifth album. There were songs with earlier features like Akon and will.i.am as well as several new ones . Among the songs on the album is Little Bad Girl with Ludacris and Taio Cruz . Another song from the album is Where Them Girls At with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj .

Where Them Girls At is the album's first single and was released worldwide on May 2, 2011 after an unfinished version was leaked online. The song immediately entered the charts everywhere, in Germany at number 5. On July 20, 2011, the video for Where Them Girls At was released. On June 27, 2011, the song Little Bad Girl was released in Germany . Singer Taio Cruz and rapper Ludacris participated in this .

The first promo single Titanium with Sia was released on August 5, 2011. It became a great success in several download portals and was also very popular on the radio. The instrumental electro house track Lunar was released as the second promo single on August 15, 2011 . This was created in cooperation with Afrojack , who was already a co-producer with Titanium and reached the official single charts in Germany, among other places. Night of Your Life with Jennifer Hudson was the third and final promotional single before the album was released on August 22, 2011.

Nothing but the Beat was released in Germany on August 26, 2011, and five weeks later it topped the charts. The third single Without You with Usher became his most successful song in the US at number 4. As a result of the great success of Titanium after the album was released, the song was released again as an official fourth single on December 9, 2011 and sold several million times. A music video was also produced.

A week later, the fifth single Turn Me On was released , which was recorded in collaboration with Nicki Minaj . When the album was released, the song reached the singles charts of several countries. I Can Only Imagine , a collaboration with Chris Brown and rapper Lil Wayne , had a similar experience . The song was released on May 2, 2012 with a remix of Daddy's Groove as the title track. The success of the download sales could be increased and among others in Austria, Great Britain and Switzerland the single could reach the top 10.

In addition to the album, the film of the same name by Huse Monfaradi celebrated its world premiere on September 17, 2011 in the Rex theater in Paris. It is a documentary of David Guetta's life and his rise from an unknown house DJ to a prominent music producer and DJ. The film was released for free on iTunes on March 22, 2012 and shot to the top of the podcast charts in countries like the US, Germany, UK and France.

In 2011 he pushed Armin van Buuren from the throne of the worldwide DJ Mag Top 100 list and was thus at number 1. He was also nominated twice for the 2012 Grammys with Sunshine and Nothing but the Beat . On New Year's Eve , Guetta performed in front of almost two million people in Rio de Janeiro . In March 2012, another promotional single, The Alphabeat , was released, which was also used in promotions for the Renault Twizy that appears in the music video.

2012: Nothing But the Beat 2.0

David Guetta at Creamfields in Sidney (2012)

In April 2012, Guetta founded the music label Jack Back Records, which released the first single on April 12, 2012 with Metropolis by Nicky Romero. Together with the record label Jack Back he released a remix version of Wild Ones by Flo Rida under the title Wild One Two , which became a number one dance hit in the USA.

The first single She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) from his upcoming album was released on August 24, 2012 . As with Titanium , the Australian singer Sia took over the vocal part of this song. She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) was able to build on the success of its predecessor and was ranked third in the charts in Germany and Austria.

On September 7th, 2012, the corresponding long player was released in the form of an EP entitled Nothing But the Beat 2.0 . In addition to the songs from the original album, there are six other tracks on it. Just One Last Time , which was created in collaboration with Taped Rai, was also released in November 2012 . David Guetta also wrote and produced the song Right Now for Rihanna's album Unapologetic with Nicky Romero . It was released as a single in May 2013. At the same time, he supported Britney Spears , also together with Romero, on a number of songs on her album Britney Jean .

With the song Play Hard , to which Ne-Yo and Akon contributed the vocals, the last and ninth single from Nothing But the Beat was released on March 15, 2013. The highest position in the charts remained in many countries after the release of Nothing But the Beat 2.0 , which the song has already made it into the charts through numerous downloads. In addition to the re-edit, a remix by Albert Neve was particularly popular.

2013: Promotions for lists

David Guetta (2013)

In the middle of 2013, a new track hit the internet, sung by the Swedish singer John Martin . The track is known under the name Love a Little Louder . There was also a picture showing Guetta and Martin in the studio, but the track was not officially released as a single or an album track.

Together with the DJ duo Glowinthedark and the singer Harrison, Guetta released the song Ain't A Party in July 2013 . This appeared on the one hand as a release of his Fuck-Me-I'm-Famous compilation series, on the other hand as the first promo single of his fifth studio album, the release of which was scheduled for 2014. The title is based on the well-known guitar theme of song 2 by the English alternative rock band Blur . The track only reached the singles charts in France, Germany and Switzerland. In South Korea he even moved up to the top.

He recorded the song One Voice with the American singer Mikky Ekko . While the music video was released in late 2013, the electro house song was never officially released as a single. It acts as a call for donations for victims of Typhoon Haiyan , which raged in the Philippines in early November 2013.

The official second promo single was Shot Me Down with Skylar Gray as the singer on January 20, 2014 . The verses of the song are a cover of the song Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Cher , which became famous in the version of Nancy Sinatra through Tarantino's cult film Kill Bill Vol. 1 . The Big Room production was much more successful than Ain't a Party , Shot Me Down ; in 17 countries the top 10, five of them number one, could be achieved.

The third promotional single came out in the form of a collaboration with the Dutch DJ duo Showtek and the French singer Vassy . Under the title Bad , the big room track developed into a festival anthem and was able to reach the top of several Scandinavian countries. Furthermore, they were able to reach the top 20 in Germany and 22nd in Great Britain. In total, Bad was able to sell almost a million times. The official music video is a reference to the music video from Michael Jackson's thriller .

The last promo single was with the song Blast Off . This was created in collaboration with the Australian newcomer singer and producer Kaz James. Only in France did the title advance into the official singles charts.

2014: lists

Guetta together with Daddys Groove, two recurring studio partners

On August 1, 2014, his first official pre-single of his upcoming album Lovers on the Sun was released in Germany. This was sung by the American singer-songwriter Sam Martin and produced together with Avicii . The song was able to surpass the success of the first pre-release and was in the top 10 of the official single charts in over 20 countries. The track also reached number 1 in Germany, Austria and Great Britain, among others. The official music video was viewed several million times after just a few hours.

Following the success of Lovers on the Sun , Guetta announced the title of his sixth studio album. It is called Listen and was released on November 21, 2014 on the Parlophone record label . The official tracklist followed. Recordings with Alicia Keys , John Legend , Nico & Vinz and Bebe Rexha can be found on the album . He worked with Afrojack , Showtek and Nicky Romero as co-producers . Furthermore, the fourth and final pre-release track Dangerous , another collaboration with Sam Martin , was released, which also reached number 1 in Germany.

On February 20, 2015 David Guetta released the third single from the album lists . This was called What I Did for Love and was created in collaboration with the Scottish soul and R&B singer Emelie Sandé . The song served as the official soundtrack of the British Dailysoap EastEnders and reached the top 10 of the single charts in Austria, Hungary and Great Britain, among others. Another single from the album followed on March 16, 2015 with the song Hey Mama . The American rapper Nicki Minaj and the Dutch DJ Afrojack participated in this . You can also hear the American singer Bebe Rexha in the chorus . The track was able to surpass the success of What I Did for Love and reached the top 10 of the official single charts in over 20 countries, including the USA. The song Sun Goes Down was released as the fifth official single . This came about as a further collaboration with Showtek and with the Canadian R&B and reggae band Magic! and the singer Sonny Wilson.

The Frenchman played an electro house track back in the spring, which was announced as a collaboration with GlowInTheDark. After Ain't A Party this is the second collaboration with the duo. During the creation they were supported by the Dutch DJ and producer Martin Garrix . The song is based in large part on the children's song If You're Happy and You Know It , based on the Soviet piece Molodejnaya from the Soviet musical film Volga, Volga from 1938. The song was released on October 9, 2015 under the title Clap Your Hands as a harbinger of the re-release of his studio album Listen .

On October 30, 2015, a new version of the album track Bang My Head was released . In addition to Sia , who also sang the original version, the rapper Fetty Wap also took part. In contrast to the original, this version was designed more commercially. The song served as a pre-release single for the new edition of his sixth studio album, which was released on November 27, 2015 under the title Listen Again with additional titles and remix versions.

2016: This One's For You & Shed a Light

After it was released as a promo single on November 20, 2015, the instrumental piece Pelican was released as an official single on May 16, 2016. The track already attracted attention last year with its old-school and tech-house style, which is atypical for Guetta. Two weeks later, the song The Death of EDM , another collaboration with Showtek and Beardyman, was released from Listen Again . Both songs did not appear on major labels, but were published on the sub-labels of David Guetta and Showtek. The similarity of The Death of EDM to Gesaffelsteins Pursuit from 2013 gave rise to allegations of plagiarism.

The anthem for the 2016 European Football Championship, entitled This One's For You, is a song by Guetta starring the Swedish singer Zara Larsson . The day before the start of the European Championship, Guetta gave a big concert in Paris on the Champ de Mars . At the European Championship final France - Portugal on July 10, 2016, the two musicians presented the anthem before the start of the game on a live stage in the Stade de France in Saint-Denis .

On September 30, 2016, Guetta released a cover version of the song Would I Lie to You by Charles & Eddie from 1992. This was created in collaboration with Frenchman Cedric Gervais and singer Chris Willis . The song was produced in the classic "old-school" house style and distinguished itself from the otherwise popular electro house or tropical house areas at the time. While the song was able to advance into the top 10 in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, among others, it did not rank in the British or US single charts.

Shed a Light was released on November 25, 2016. He produced this in collaboration with the German newcomer Robin Schulz and the EDM trio Cheat Codes . In contrast to its predecessor, the mixture of dance-pop and deep-house reached the singles charts again in Great Britain and moved back into the top 10 of a number of European countries, but only landed in the middle of the French charts.

2017: Various single releases

David Guetta live at the Utopía Festival 2016

In a live interview on Facebook with Final Kid, Guetta announced on January 27, 2017 that his seventh studio album was already finished and that his upcoming single was a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne . This turned out to be the song Light My Body Up , which was released on March 23, 2017. The track covers elements from trap , electro house and hip hop music. Commercially, the song could not connect to its predecessor. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France they could reach the upper half of the chart. In the USA, entry was only just missed.

Both artists at the Ultra Music Festival 2017 announced a collaboration between David Guetta and Afrojack . The song Another Life was released on April 29, 2017 . The future bass song was sung by the French singer-songwriter Ester Dean . While Afrojack has already released a single in this genre, it is the first song for Guetta that represents this style of music. Also at Ultra 2017 he premiered a new song with Bebe Rexha, which is a cover version of the classic Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65 .

On June 9, 2017, David Guetta released the song 2U together with the Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber . The track embodies a mixture of tropical house and future bass and was quickly successful. After just under 12 hours, the song was number one on the iTunes charts in over 48 countries. On the day of the release, a music video was also released that was made in collaboration with four of the Victoria's Secret Angels .

Before his performance at the Ushuaïa Ibiza Hotel on June 26, 2017, David Guetta announced that he would play this song with Bruno Mars. Behind it is a remix version of his song Versace on the Floor . The following day it was released as a single. While his previous singles were based on the future bass style, this track embodies a daft-punk- typical mixture of post-disco , funk and pop music.

After receiving an award in spring 2017, the song Complicated was released as a single on July 28, 2017 . He worked with the Belgian DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and the US singer Kiiara . They reached a single chart position in several European countries, including in Belgium in the top five places.

In November 2017 David Guetta released his fifth official collaboration with the Dutch DJ and producer Afrojack. This is called Dirty Sexy Money and contains vocals from singer Charli XCX and rapper French Montana . Producer Skrillex and songwriter Noonie Bao were also involved in the creation . The song, peppered with pop and future bass, moved into the upper half of the chart in a number of European countries.

The song So Far Away with Martin Garrix and the singers Jamie Scott and Romy Dya followed on December 1, 2017 . The female part was taken over by Ellie Goulding in the first demo version of the song . In advance, label disputes caused problems with the release. The main reason for this was that Martin Garrix played the song on his main stage set at Tomorrowland without first obtaining the consent of Ellie Goulding's contractual partners. As a result, her management prohibited her further involvement in the track. Then singer Romy Dya stepped in. So Far Away became a commercial success in January 2018 . While it was in the lower half of the single charts in Germany for the time being, it made it into the top 10 of the German single charts towards the end of the month. Similar positions could also be achieved in Finland and the Netherlands.

2018: Helium and seventh studio album

At the beginning of February 2018, David Guetta and Afrojack released a new version of the song Helium by the Australian singer Sia, which appeared on the official soundtrack of the US film Fifty Shades Darker on February 10, 2017 . In Austria, Switzerland and Sweden, among others, they reached the official single charts with the Future Bass version.

On February 16, 2018, the dancehall song Mad Love was released . This was developed in collaboration with rapper Sean Paul and the singer and actress Becky G . Originally the song was supposed to be recorded with the Colombian musician Shakira , but for legal reasons the decision was made later on Becky G, which Paul and Guetta were finally happy about. Mad Love reached a top 20 position in over 9 countries, including Germany and 6th place on the US dance charts. With over 365,000 units sold, the song went platinum in one country and gold in two countries.

On February 22, 2018, Guetta released the song Like I Do, his second official collaboration with Martin Garrix. The Dutch DJ and producer Thijs Westerbroek alias Brooks and singer-songwriter Talay Riley will also be performing as guest musicians . With Brooks he also produced the song Blame It on Love , which would later become part of his studio album. The EDM song moved up to the top 20 places in five countries. In France, the song reached gold status after a few months for over 100,000 units sold. In Germany, too, the song achieved a placement in the upper quarter.

On March 22, 2018, he released the seventh collaboration with singer Sia. This is called Flames and is a production less influenced by Future-Bass and EDM than its predecessor. The track reached the top 10 in over 25 countries, including Hungary, Norway and Switzerland. In particular, that was published on April 5, 2018 and shows Guetta as a Kung Fu master alongside Danny Trejo, among others , received positive feedback.

After its premiere at Ultra Korea, the song Your Love was released on June 14, 2018 . Behind this is a collaboration with the Dutch DJ duo Showtek , with whom the tracks Bad and When the Sun Goes Down were created. The song was strongly influenced by dance classic Show Me Love by Robin S. affected, but was produced as Big Room song. The singing of the single was provided by the Dutch singer Jake Reese. In Germany, the track entered 70th place.

The song Don't Leave Me Alone followed on July 27, 2018 . This was recorded with the British singer Anne-Marie , who only celebrated a number one hit in several European countries with Marshmello in the spring . The song is based on elements of trap and pop music and quickly became a summer hit. Among almost 20 single chart entries, there was a top 10 entry in Scotland. The music video focuses on the thirst for adventure triggered by virtual reality .

On August 20, 2018, Guetta's record label "Jack Back" and " Spinnin 'Records " released the second release under the pseudonym Jack Back . This is provided by the track Overtone , although the name David Guetta is not specified as a feature as in Wild One Two . The song was very influenced by old-school techno and underground music, which was suspected to be the reason for the release of the Alias.

With the release of the song Goodbye on August 23, 2018, track 7 , the single cover, the entire tracklist and the release date of his seventh studio album were officially announced. Behind the single Goodbye is a collaboration with singer Jason Derulo , singer and rapper Nicki Minaj , with whom he has already been in the studio twice, and the French rapper and producer Willy William . The track shows parallels to the song Time to Say Goodbye by the Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli , but is based on elements of hip-hop and Latin-pop.

The song Drive was released on August 24, 2018 via " Ultra Records " . It is the last advance single of his seventh studio album and was created in collaboration with the South African DJ and producer Black Coffee. British singer Delilah Montagu contributed the vocals.

On September 7, 2018, Guetta released an entire mixtape under the alias Jack Back. For the track list consisting of 12 songs, he met Frenchman with, among others, CeCe Rogers, Adam Freeland and Ralph Wegener in the studio. He explained that with the mixtape he could return to the underground house music in which he started his career. The publication of the mixtape also served as a promotion for 7 , as it included the entire tracklist of the second CD.

On September 14, 2018, 7 Guettas was released, the seventh studio album with a selection of previously published songs and several previously unplayed tracks. There were collaborations with J Balvin , G-Eazy and Jess Glynne, among others . The collaboration with Bebe Rexha and J Balvin Say My Name included on the album managed to get into the German, Austrian and Swedish single charts, among others, although it was not released as a single. The high number of downloads from the album made this possible. It was similar with the song Battle with Faouzia.

The album track Say My Name , already counting over 30 million Spotify plays at the time , was released on October 26, 2018 as the eleventh single from 7 . After the single release, the song returned to the singles charts in several countries. Aside from the hit parades already reached in September, the three musicians have now also entered the top 100 in Canada, France and several Southeast European countries. In 2018 the mark of 100 million Spotify streams was cracked. The official music video was released on November 20, 2018 and shows all three musicians. With around 630 million views on YouTube (as of February 2020), it is by far his most successful visual release of 2018.

2019: focus on EDM productions

On February 8, 2019, Guetta released the song Better When You're Gone . After Like I Do and Blame It on Love , he worked with the Dutch producer Brooks for the third time. The US pop duo Loote was also used here. The result was premiered for the first time in a slightly different version together at Tomorrowland 2018. Also in February 2019, the electro-house track Ring the Alarm was released , which premiered the previous year and was created in collaboration with the Dutch DJ and producer Nicky Romero . Together with Tom Staar, the EDM song This Ain't Techno followed in March 2019 via "Spinnin 'Records"

In May 2019, Guetta released a commercial single with the song Stay (Don't Go Away) . This was created in collaboration with the British singer and songwriter Raye . The track developed into an airplay success and sometimes reached the top 10 of the German airplay charts . In Great Britain and France the song moved up to the official single charts. In July 2019 he released his second collaboration with the Belgian DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike as well as the Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee , the Dutch Afro Bros and singer Natti Natasha . The song became a worldwide summer hit . A Tropical House and an Electro House track were also released at the same time. On the one hand he released the song Thing for You together with the French musician Martin Solveig and singer Noonie Bao , on the other hand the electro house song Never Be Alone , which was created together with the Danish DJ and producer Morten and singer Aloe Blacc .

In August 2019, Guetta released the song Jump , which was created with the producer duo GlowInTheDark, with whom he has already worked several times. His second single with Morten followed in November 2019, entitled Make It to Heaven and featuring vocals by Raye. The song is a stylistic successor to Never Be Alone . After a remix for Avicii's posthumous single Heaven , which was produced together with Morten, was released in August 2019 , Guetta was part of the line-up of The Avicii Tribute Concert , which the musician who died in April 2018 would take Avicii was dedicated. There he played a song based on an idea by himself, Avicii and Afrojack .

2020: Detroit 3 AM

On March 6, 2020, Guetta released the song Detroit 3 AM , which is his third collaboration with Morten. They were supported by producers Toby Green and Mike Hawkins.


David Guetta with his ex-wife Cathy

Guetta married the nightclub manager Cathy Lobé (born March 27, 1967) in 1992. Their son Tim Elvis Eric was born on February 9, 2004. Their daughter Angie was born on September 23, 2007. After twenty-two years of marriage, the Guettas divorced in a Paris court in March 2014. Neither party was present at the hearing, and the reason for their divorce was not given. He has been in a steady relationship with Cuban model Jessica Ledon since 2016 .

Guetta has residences in Ibiza, Los Angeles, London and Dubai. According to his own statement, he uses his house in Ibiza for his residence and appearances in Europe, his house in Los Angeles for studio work and the apartment in Dubai serves as a contact with Asia. He owns an apartment in London which he uses for his private life as his ex-wife and children also live in the city.


Although Guetta attracts an audience of millions, it is strictly rejected from parts of techno culture . Usually Guetta is classified as a so-called "EDM-DJ", whereby Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is then regarded as a dirty word. Typical allegations are that his music should stand for “mainstream” and “commercialization”. There are also isolated reports of techno clubs that explicitly forbid their DJs to play Guetta's music.

Guetta sparked controversy with several live shows. In 2015, he copied the set he and Nicki Minaj used for their show at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, the artwork HYBYCOZO , a three-dimensional, LED- lit, polypropylene sculpture designed by Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu for Burning Man was designed without her permission. In the same year, at a performance in Pacha, a horse that was supposed to perform a stunt was part of his program. The use of animals in a stage show is generally controversial, but since the Pacha is also a nightclub, it created an equally negative mood. The name compared to “ Beatport ”, that the spontaneous use of a USB stick as a music storage device at one of his live performances would be “ old school ”, met with a lot of ridicule in the DJ scene.


Studio albums

year title Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placementsTemplate: chart table / maintenance / without sources
(Year, title, rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
2002 Just a Little More Love - - CH17 (18 weeks)
- - FR6th
Double gold
× 2
Double gold

(31 weeks)FR
First published: June 15, 2002
Sales: + 250,000
2004 Guetta Blaster - - CH45 (12 weeks)
- - FR11 (69 weeks)
First published: June 13, 2004
Sales: + 50,000
2007 Pop life - AT31 (11 weeks)
CH8 (43 weeks)
UK44 (2 weeks)
- FR2 (76 weeks)
First published: June 3, 2007
Sales: + 130,000
2009 One love DE2
Quintuple gold
× 5
Quintuple gold

(102 weeks)DE
Double platinum
× 2
Double platinum

(107 weeks)AT
Double platinum
× 2
Double platinum

(104 weeks)CH
Double platinum
× 2
Double platinum

(92 weeks)UK
US70 (13 weeks)

(138 weeks)FR
First published: August 24, 2009
Sales: +3,000,000
2011 Nothing but the beat DE1
Triple platinum
× 3
Triple platinum

(81 weeks)DE
Double platinum
× 2
Double platinum

(18 weeks)AT

(110 weeks)CH
Triple platinum
× 3
Triple platinum

(106 weeks)UK

(74 weeks)US
Triple platinum
× 3
Triple platinum

(94 weeks)FR
First published: Aug 26, 2011
Sales: +3,000,000
2014 Lists DE3

(41 weeks)DE

(29 weeks)AT

(69 weeks)CH

(48 weeks)UK

(54 weeks)US
Double platinum
× 2
Double platinum

(96 weeks)FR
First published: November 21, 2014
Sales: + 1,490,000
2018 7th DE7 (7 weeks)
AT7 (5 weeks)
CH2 (11 weeks)

(31 weeks)UK
US37 (6 weeks)

(… Where.)Template: chart table / maintenance / preliminary / 2018FR
First published: September 14, 2018
Sales: + 250,000


    • 2012: for Best Electronic Act
  • NRJ Music Awards
    • 2010: for International Album of the Year (One Love)
    • 2011: for Hit of the Year (Club Can't Handle Me, with Flo Rida )
    • 2011: for NRJ honorary award
  • DJ Awards
    • 2007: for Best Ibiza Night
    • 2007: for best international DJ
    • 2008: for Best House DJ


    • 2008: for Best French Act
    • 2011: for Best French Act
    • 2011: for best artist
  • echo
    • 2010: for best international rock / pop artist
    • 2011: for Best International Rock / Pop Artist
  • World Music Awards
    • 2007: for best selling DJ
    • 2010: for best DJ
    • 2010: for best single ( Sexy Bitch )
    • 2010: for Best Single (When Love Takes Over)
  • DJ Awards
    • 2006: for Best House DJ
    • 2009: for Best House DJ


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