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The Dieterich'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung is a German publisher , now based in Mainz .


It goes back to Johann Christian Dieterich (1722–1800), who took over a bookshop in Gotha in 1752 . In 1760 he opened a branch in Göttingen , where in 1765 he became a university bookseller and in 1770 he added a printing company to the bookstore. In 1776 he moved entirely to Göttingen. One of the most famous authors of this house was Georg Christoph Lichtenberg , other authors were Christian Gottlob Heyne , Johann Tobias Mayer and numerous other Göttingen scholars. After the death of Johann Christian Dieterich, the bookstore and publishing house were owned by his son Heinrich Dieterich (1761–1831), who, however, led the company into a financial crisis. In 1824 his son Hermann Dieterich (1797–1847) took over the publishing house. In 1847 it was sold to Wilhelm Vogel, a son of Friedrich Christian Vogel, in Leipzig and Friedrich Schlemmer (1799–1878) from Bayreuth, who, however, went bankrupt in 1865. The printing shop was separated, and in 1886 the bookstore and second-hand bookshop became independent. The until then dormant publishing house was acquired by Theodor Weicher in 1897 and relocated to Leipzig in 1898 , where it was continued as the Dieterich'sche Verlagbuchhandlung Theodor Weicher .

In 1916, Weicher had to sell the publishing house to Max Hofmann (1886–1967) after insolvency ; in 1917, Max Heinemann (1882–1944) was added as an equal owner . At the beginning of 1928, the two had to sell the publishing house to the Leipzig commission house Carl Friedrich Fleischer for economic reasons. Its owner Wilhelm Klemm , at the same time managing partner of the Alfred Kröner publishing house , continued to run the publishing house. Heinemann continued to work in the publishing house, Hoffmann founded his own publishing house from the geographical department of the Dieterisch'schen publishing bookstore. In 1937 Rudolf Marx (1899–1990), who had previously worked for Kröner-Verlag, became a co-owner. In the same year, Klemm and Marx began to publish the Dieterich Collection , which, with its philosophically, culturally, historically and literarily valuable volumes, felt committed to humanistic tradition during the Nazi era . After Klemm was excluded from the Reichsschrifttumskammer in 1938 and thus banned from his profession, Marx continued to run the publishing house on his own. A total of 65 volumes were published in the Dieterich Collection by 1944, after which the publishing house had to stop its work due to the war damage.

After the end of the Second World War, the publishing house and the Dieterich Collection continued to exist in a split form: Rudolf Marx continued to run the publishing house in Leipzig, the Leipzig volumes of the series were still looked after by Marx in the GDR, and in 1977 the publishing house was incorporated into Gustav Kiepenheuer Verlag . Wilhelm Klemm moved to Wiesbaden in 1945 and continued his publishing activities there, where he published 18 volumes. In 1955, in financial difficulties, he had to sell the volumes of the Dieterich Collection , which he was responsible for, to the Carl Schünemann Verlag in Bremen. The Dieterich'sche publishing bookstore in Wiesbaden had been inactive since 1956.

In 1982 the Dieterich'schen publishing bookstore was re-established in Mainz by Alfred Klemm , chemist and son of Wilhelm Klemms. The publishing house was managed by his wife Hannelore Klemm († 2014), his successor was their daughter Imma Klemm-Ortheil, wife of Hanns-Josef Ortheil . The philosophical and cosmopolitan spirit of Lichtenberg and the demands of the Dieterich Collection were the main ideas that had to be reinterpreted with a view to the role of books in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. While the first volume of the new publishing program, which appeared in 1985, was still part of the treasure trove of German poetry compiled by Wilhelm Klemm, the second volume stretched all the way to Japan.


The part of the archive of the Dieterich'schen Verlagbuchhandlung located in Leipzig is part of the archive of the Gustav Kiepenheuer Verlag Leipzig as a nationally valuable archive under cultural protection . The archive material has been on deposit in the Saxon State Archives in Leipzig since 1996 .


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