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Dietrich Martin (born November 18, 1929 in Hartenstein in the Erzgebirge , † May 2, 2000 in Kassel ) was a German sports scientist and sports official .


Martin studied sport, politics and sociology at the Sport University Cologne and the University of Hanover . He taught at the German School in Barcelona , as well as at grammar schools in Essen. In 1970 he became scientific director of the Federal Committee for Competitive Sport in Frankfurt. At the same time, he completed his doctorate at the Technical University of Hanover with the title A Comparison of School Sports in the General Schools of the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany (1971).

In 1974 he was appointed to the newly established chair for sports science at the comprehensive university in Kassel , where he published works on training theory. Here he retired in 1990. When the Research Institute for Physical Culture and Sport in Leipzig received a guarantee of existence in the unification agreement, Martin became the first director of the successor institution, the Institute for Applied Training Science (IAT), and had to drastically reduce staff. For 15 years he was a volunteer sports manager of the German Ski Association for the Nordic disciplines of cross-country skiing and ski jumping and for ten years he was Vice President of the International Nordic Ski Association. He has been a technical delegate at the Olympic Games and World Championships several times, as well as head of the German team.

Since 2000, the Dietrich Martin Prize has been awarded in Kassel for the best graduates in sports courses.


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