Diomedes Grammaticus

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Diomedes Grammaticus ( ancient Greek Διομήδης Γραμματικός Diomḗdēs Grammatikós ) was an Eastern Roman grammarian .

There is no news about him; the only source of information is his ars grammatica . A comparison of this grammar with other texts of this genre makes it seem plausible that Diomedes was active in the Greek-speaking east of the empire. His intensive evaluation of the grammars of Aelius Donatus and Flavius ​​Sosipater Charisius refer to a period in the second half of the 4th century.

The ars grammatica consists of three books. The first book deals with the theory of parts of speech . The second deals with linguistic units such as letters and syllables, questions of prosody and the complex of linguistic accuracy ( vitia et virtutes orationis ) and style ; this book also addresses fundamental questions about the status and purpose of grammar. The third book is devoted to metrics and poetry.

Text output

  • Flavii Sosipatri Charisii artis grammaticae libri V. Diomedis artis grammaticae libri III. Ex Charisii arte grammatica excerpta. In: Grammatici Latini ed. Heinrich Keil . Vol. 1. Teubner, Leipzig 1857; Reprint Hildesheim 1961.


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