Peter Lebrecht Schmidt

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Peter Lebrecht Schmidt (born July 28, 1933 in Dessau ; † October 22, 2019 in Konstanz ) was a German classical philologist .


As the child of a pastor in the GDR he had little prospect of a university degree, Schmidt emigrated to the Federal Republic after graduating from high school and began studying literature at the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen . He received special suggestions from his teacher Walter Jens . Due to his growing inclination to Latin literature, he later moved to Freiburg im Breisgau , where he received his doctorate in 1959 under Karl Büchner with a thesis on Cicero 's De legibus . He then worked as a research assistant to Manfred Fuhrmann , with whom he moved to the University of Kiel in 1962 and then to Konstanz in 1966 . Schmidt completed his habilitation in 1969 at this newly founded university, which was still in the process of being established . In 1973, he was appointed professor of Latin studies in Konstanz. In 1998 he retired, but remained active in research and teaching.

Over the years, Schmidt dealt with all of ancient Latin literature, in particular with Claudian and the late antique historians. Together with Reinhart Herzog, he took care of the revision of the Roman literary history for the Handbook of Classical Studies , which was founded by Martin Schanz and expanded by Carl Hosius . The revision is accordingly referred to as Herzog-Schmidt .

After Schmidt's retirement, his students Joachim Fugmann , Martin Hose and Bernhard Zimmermann published the Festschrift Traditio latinitatis: Studies on the Reception and Transmission of Latin Literature , which honors his life's work and contains a list of his writings.


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