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The Südburgenländische Regionalbahn GmbH - SRB - is a subsidiary of the company Autoreisen Schuch GmbH in Großpetersdorf in Burgenland . On January 1, 1989, the company took over part of the Pinkatalbahn , namely the Oberwart - Rechnitz (25 km) and Oberwart - Oberschützen (8 km) lines, and operated the freight traffic as a connecting line. There were also regular steam train trips. In the section between Großpetersdorf and Rechnitz, a train with a steam locomotive and wagons of the former Pressburg Railway was led through a “living fairytale forest”. Since November 2011, operations on the SRB have been completely shut down. The transport service required for further funding from public funds could no longer be shown in the business plan .

In the summer of 1997, the Oberwart - Oberschützen line was closed. In 2003 the route was reactivated by the FrOWOS association and nostalgia trips with draisine trains took place until 2012 .

On June 12, 2017, the remaining SRB passenger wagons were removed; two locomotives had already been scrapped.

From the end of April 2005, the renovation of the 11 km long Oberwart - Großpetersdorf section began with the help of subsidies. The aim was to resume regular passenger traffic by ÖBB as early as September 2005. These efforts failed, the superstructure and substructure were repaired, but the technical safety of the level crossings was not.


The lines of the SRB were built at the time of the Kingdom of Hungary. On December 17, 1888, the Steinamanger - Pinkafelder Lokalbahn AG opened operations from Szombathely (Steinamanger) via Rechnitz - Oberwart to Alt Pinkafeld. A branch line from Oberwart via Bad Tatzmannsdorf to the mining town of Oberschützen followed on March 25, 1903 with the local line Felsőőr - Felsőlövő .

After the First World War, this part of Hungary came to the Republic of Austria and its state railways on the basis of the peace treaty of Saint-Germain in 1921. This established a connection to its rail network through the Alt Pinkafeld - Friedberg ( Pinkatalbahn ) line opened on November 15, 1925 . On February 28, 1953, all traffic to the Hungarian State Railways on the other side of Rechnitz was interrupted.

Passenger traffic was gradually abandoned:

  • October 18, 1982: Großpetersdorf - Rechnitz
  • June 2, 1984: Oberwart - Großpetersdorf
  • June 30, 1987: Oberwart - Oberschützen
  • May 24, 2008: Re-opening for tourist trains between Oberwart and Oberschützen (until the end of October on Sundays and public holidays)

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