Dirk Schweisfurth

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Dirk Schweisfurth (born October 24, 1965 in Siegen ) is a former German athlete and Olympic participant. With a height of 1.84 m, his competition weight was 78 kg.

Born in Weidenau, Dirk Schweisfurth belonged to TV Jahn Siegen in his early youth . He started after the family moved from Weidenau to Kreuztal in 1979 to 1987 for LG Kindelsberg Kreuztal and from 1988 for TV Wattenscheid 01 . In the company of the local club president Klaus Steilmann , he completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. He was the German junior champion in the 100 meter distance . His best placement at German championships as an individual starter was a second place in the 200-meter run in 1990. From 1989 to 1992 he was four times German champion with the Wattenscheid 4-by-100-meter relay.

He took part in six international competitions or championships for the Federal Republic of Germany from 1985 to 1990. At the World Championships in 1987 he started in the 100-meter run , but retired with 10.50 seconds in the lead. At the Olympic Games in 1988 he reached sixth place with the 4 x 100 meter relay in 38.55 s.

His best performances are 10.25 s over 100 meters (September 12, 1986 in Gelnhausen ) and 20.90 s over 200 meters (June 7, 1987 in Obersuhl ). Both times mean to this day (as of October 24, 2015) winning country records. In the Huckenohl Stadium in Menden , he still holds a stadium record of 10.2 seconds (although hand-stopped) over 100 meters.

Schweisfurth lives with his wife and daughter in Kredenbach and has been self-employed in the fields of lifting equipment, load securing and occupational safety products since around 2005.


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