Diyala (river)

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Sîrwan, Sirvan
The Diyala River (blue)

The Diyala River (blue)

location Iran , Iraq
River system Tigris
Drain over Tigris  → Shatt al-Arab  → Persian Gulf
source Zagros Mountains near Hamadan
muzzle south of Baghdad in the Tigris Coordinates: 33 ° 13 ′ 15 "  N , 44 ° 30 ′ 23"  E 33 ° 13 ′ 15 "  N , 44 ° 30 ′ 23"  E

length 443 km
Catchment area 32,600 km²
Reservoirs flowed through Darbandichan Dam
Small towns Darbandichan , Kalar
Diyala near Darbandichan

Diyala near Darbandichan

The diyala ( Arabic نهر ديالى, DMG Nahr Diyālā ; Kurdish : Sîrwan , Persian سيروان, DMG Sīrvān ) is a tributary of the Tigris . The Iranian part of the river is called Sirvan while Diyala refers to the Iraqi section.

It has its source in Iran and flows through Iran and Iraq . Its total length is 443 km. The etymology of the name is unknown. In ancient times the river was known as Σίλλα (Silla) or Δέλαζ (Délaz) . The Iraqi province of Diyala is named after this river.

The source is located near the town of Hamadan in the Zagros Mountains . The Diyala forms 32 km of the Iranian-Iraqi border. The Diyala meets the Tigris south of Baghdad . Only the lower part of the river is navigable and forms an important route for trade between Iran and Iraq. There is a dam on the lower reaches of the Diyala.

The Nahrawan Canal , which began in the 3rd century, and the Diyala have partly swapped their course in the course of the Middle Ages . The underflow of the Nahrawan is presumably the former underflow of the Diyala, whereas the modern underflow of the Diyala probably follows a former tributary of the Nahrawan.

There are several archaeological sites in the area of ​​Diyala such as Tell Agreb , Tell Asmar , Nerebtum and Ḫafāǧī .

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