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Domingos Sarmento Alves , fighting name Soro , is an East Timorese diplomat and politician. He is a member of the Partido Democrático .


Alves has a Bachelor in Laboratory and Organizational Psychology and was a post-doctoral student in Portugal , where he studied at institutions of ASEAN and the European Union .

In 1979 Alves and his family were one of the refugees who had found refuge from the Indonesian invasion in the FALINTIL resistance base on Matebian . When the Indonesian army destroyed the base, Alves witnessed various acts of violence. In the mid-1990s, Alves was the special envoy of the Resistência Nacional dos Estudantes de Timor-Leste RENETIL ( German National Resistance of Students from Timor-Leste ) and took part in student protests. During the twelve-day occupation of the American embassy in Jakarta , during Bill Clinton's visit to Indonesia in November 1994, Alves was the spokesman for the RENETIL activists. The 29 participants received political asylum in Portugal after the campaign.  

Together with other members of RENETIL, Alves was one of the founders of the Partido Democrático in East Timor in 2001. After East Timor regained its independence in 2002, he worked from November 2002 to January 2005 as a consultant for international relations in the office of the President and Chief of Protocol to the President and then until October 2006 as National Director for bilateral affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . From 2006 to April 2011, Alves was Ambassador to Japan and, from August 2012 to April 2014, Political Advisor to Alberto Carlos , Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs.

On May 21, 2014, Alves was appointed East Timor’s Ambassador to the United States . The accreditation took place on June 3rd. On June 25, Alves was also appointed Ambassador to Canada . Isílio Coelho replaced him in 2019 .


Alves is fluent in Tetum , Bahasa Indonesia , Portuguese and English . He has mastered the basics of Spanish .

Alves is married and has one daughter.

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