Dorli Rauch

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Dorli Rauch (born August 15, 1950 in Neukirchen ) is a Hessian teacher, politician ( Die Grünen ) and former member of the Hessian state parliament .

education and profession

After graduating from high school in natural sciences in 1970, Rauch passed the pre-examination in pharmacy in Berlin at the Edertal School in Frankenberg and from 1972 studied at the Berlin University of Education to become a teacher for secondary level 1 with the subjects of art and industrial studies. In 1978 she passed the first state examination; after the legal traineeship, the 2nd state examination followed in Battenberg. Afterwards Rauch taught at the Ortenbergschule in Frankenberg / Eder (elementary, secondary and secondary school with support level).

In 2011 she finished active schoolwork and is now devoting herself to her spiritual activities such as reincarnation therapies , healing stones, etc. She also explores the old cult sites in her area.

Rauch is divorced and has two children.


Dorli Rauch has been a member of the Greens since 1979. From December 1, 1982 to August 4, 1983 she was a member of the Hessian state parliament. She resigned from the state parliament after a few months. In the state election in Hesse in 1983 , she did not run again.


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