Dorothea of ​​Saxe-Altenburg

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Dorothea von Sachsen-Altenburg (born June 26, 1601 in Torgau , † April 10, 1675 in Altenburg ) was a Wettin princess from the house of the Ernestines and by marriage Duchess of Saxony-Eisenach .


Dorothea was a daughter of Duke Friedrich Wilhelm I of Saxe-Weimar (1562–1602) from his second marriage to Anna Maria (1575–1643), daughter of Duke Philipp Ludwig von Pfalz-Neuburg . She was born in Torgau, where her father ruled as regent of the Electorate of Saxony. She was raised primarily at Lichtenburg Castle by the widow elector Hedwig of Saxony . Since 1620 she was a member of the Tugendliche Gesellschaft under the name Die Freudige .

On May 11, 1628, Dorothea was postulated by her older sister Dorothea Sophie , Abbess of Quedlinburg as coadjutor of the Quedlinburg Abbey . Dorothea's aunt Maria had also been an abbess in Quedlinburg. But Dorothea left the pen again.

She married Duke Albrecht von Sachsen-Eisenach (1599–1644) in Weimar on June 24, 1633 . The marriage remained childless and Dorothea outlived her husband by 31 years.


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