Triathlon (athletics)

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The triathlon combines the three orientations of running , jumping and throwing in athletics and is therefore the basic athletic competition. The three-way battle is particularly important in the school classes (up to 15 years of age), so that early specialization is counteracted.

The competitions of the three-way fight in the DLV area are:

When throwing, the weights (punch ball 80 g or throw ball 200 g, shot put from 3 kg to 7.26 kg) depend on age and gender. The long jump is carried out in Germany up to 11 years as a zone long jump, after which it is measured from the jump bar.

Many students come into contact with the athletic three-way battle as part of the Federal Youth Games . Sometimes these are carried out with a different division of the disciplines.

The achievements achieved in the individual disciplines are assigned points , which can be calculated using formulas or looked up in tables. The addition of the points results in the total number of points that is decisive for the evaluation. With the appropriate number of points, the all- around badge can be acquired.

If the high jump is added to the three disciplines of the three-way fight , one speaks of the four-way fight , which is also only carried out in the youth classes. The block competition is an extension of the three-way fight to a pentathlon in the youth classes .

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