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Block letters and linked script. Italy, 1490

The term print is used for various things:

  • for handwritten script in which the individual letters are not connected as in cursive , but are not connected (see section Printing as handwriting ),
  • in pressure and typography colloquially synonymous with typeface : a character set in a particular font has been designed and is realized in accordance with the particular technical conditions and the respective purpose,
  • in librarianship for a book or similar product that consists of printed writing - in contrast to manuscripts , art prints or pure illustrations.

Print as handwriting

The word "Wikipedia" in an individual handwriting (block letters)
Possible basic font as the starting font in Hamburg from 2011

Print (in Switzerland also stone font ) in the sense of handwriting is any font that is similar to letterpress font in that the letters within a word are not connected, i.e. are written without ligatures . It is also known as block letters (English block letters or print ). A printed font in this sense is only used for alphabet fonts that also know a cursive font. Block letters are less fluid than cursive handwriting, but in return they are easier to read.

Lettering is used, for example, as a learning font for learning the alphabet and first writing in the first year of school.

The standard script in technical drawings written with the help of templates is also a printed script in this sense.

When filling out forms of all kinds, the use of block letters is usually required for the purpose of better legibility.

If only uppercase letters (capital letters) are used in the print type (upper case or capitals ), it is also called block letters . It is used, for example, when filling out forms by hand, in handwritten speech balloons from comics or in crossword puzzles .

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