Dubrawka of Bohemia

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Bust of the Duchess Dąbrówka, Palace of Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz in Ursynów , Warsaw

Dubrawka of Bohemia (also Dabrowka , Czech Doubravka , Dubrovka , Polish Dąbrówka , Dobrawa Przemyślidka ; † 977 ) from the ruling family of the Přemyslids was from 965 as the wife of the Polish Duke Mieszko I Duchess of Poland .


Dubrawka was the daughter of Duke Boleslav I of Bohemia . Your date of birth is unknown and cannot be narrowed down more precisely than the period between the years 929 and 953.

In 965 (according to older information 963) she married the Polish Duke Mieszko I , who renounced his old faith during the wedding, was baptized and converted to Christianity . This marriage bound the Slavic duchies of Bohemia and Poland closer politically. A later historical tradition ascribes Dubrawka to the building of some churches in Poznan and Gniezno . She is also said to have been involved in the establishment of the first Polish diocese in Poznan in 968.

Marriage and offspring

From her marriage to the Polish duke I. Mieszko come


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  1. Thietmar von Merseburg wrote that the mother of the Danish King Knut the Great was a daughter of Mieszko I and Dubrawa, but he did not mention her name. Other Scandinavian chronicles mentioned the name Sigrid, which she probably adopted on the occasion of their wedding
  2. Santeslave was the name of a daughter of hers in an English quote: it cannot be inferred from this that she was also called that.