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When implementing regulation (not to be confused with the implementing rules for. Example of associations which have no legal basis) are in the policy accompanying regulations to laws , regulations and decrees referred. They serve the clear administration of the law and are issued by the executive :

  • as a rule by the responsible minister who is authorized to do so by the legislature (Bundestag, National Council, Bundesrat, etc.);
  • Processes of lesser importance are also regulated directly by administrative offices .

They specify the application of laws that are binding for everyone.

The implementation details relate to e.g. B. Special cases for which the law has only defined the framework , or the technical or financial bases of calculation, and the departments that are involved in administration.

There are also implementation rules for many other activities - e.g. B. for the detailed regulation of studies at universities , for the activities of larger clubs or in sport . However, these are not ordinances issued by the ministries on the basis of authorization.

Implementing provisions can play a special role in minority policy. For example, details of the autonomy of South Tyrol were negotiated over 20 years in order to legally secure the executive and legislative rights for the German-speaking dominated province of South Tyrol within Italy .

For European legal acts, implementing provisions are issued using the so-called comitology procedure.

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