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Secret Military Code on Encryption - 1940
Luftwaffe regulation - 1940

Service regulations are regulations for the organization and implementation of certain services. They usually concretise general legal norms through interpretation with the inclusion of case law .

The term is used, among other things, in the military . At the time of the German Empire, a regulation of military processes was introduced through regulations and greatly expanded until the end of the Second World War . In the Federal Republic of Germany , ordinances in the area of ​​responsibility of the Federal Minister of Defense , which regulate a specific military service in the Bundeswehr , are set up as central service regulations (ZDv), which are known as "HDv", "LDv" and "MDv" for the armed forces of the army , air force and navy " designated. There are also technical service regulations (TDv).

In the business area of ​​the Federal Ministry of the Interior or the interior ministries of the federal states, there are service regulations in the area of ​​the Federal Border Guard ( GDV ), the police ( PDV ), the fire brigades ( FwDV ) and the technical relief organization (THW DV). Before privatization , binding regulations were also laid down in the traffic system in service regulations ( German Reich and GDR : Deutsche Reichsbahn ; Deutsche Reichspost and Deutsche Bundespost ) and printed matter ( Federal Republic of Germany : Deutsche Bundesbahn ).

In the division of the Federal Ministry of Finance , the regulations are summarized in the VSF - collection of rules for finance, e.g. B. the customs code there has the serial number Z0200 or the customs administration law the number Z0100.

But the Catholic Church also knows the term service regulation, as an example reference is made to the link below (Vatican).


  • L.Dv. 1/1 Directory of Luftwaffe service regulations and pamphlets, 1944.

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