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Dysis ( ancient Greek Δύσις , translation: setting , sunset ) is one of the hearing . In Greek mythology, hearing are the goddesses who oversee the orderly life. Dysis is the patron goddess of the hour of sunset . She is a daughter of the supreme Olympian god Zeus and the titan Themis .

In the fabulae 183 of the Roman geodesist Hyginus Gromaticus of the 1st or 2nd century AD, also called pseudo-Hygin, who mentions nine hours, it is not listed. In the Dionysiacs of the Nonnos of Panopolis , a Greek poet of the fifth century AD, she guarded the western portal from Zephyr , the west wind, in a house in the Hall of Harmonia . She is described there as the wet nurse of the moon goddess Selene .

In the Greek and Roman twelve hours, which were counted from sunrise ( Augē , first light), it is the penultimate hour after Hesperis (evening) and before Arktos (last light). The hour of dysis is the time of dinner together.


Individual evidence

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