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Selene on the frieze of the Pergamon Altar in the Pergamon Museum

Selene ( ancient Greek Σελήνη "moon") is a moon goddess in Greek mythology .


Selene (as the personification of the month and poetically sometimes also Μήνη Mene ; with the Romans Luna ), the goddess of the moon, after Hesiod daughter of Hyperion and Theia , sister of Helios and Eos , also called Phoibe , later becomes the moon goddess Artemis ( Diana with the Romans ) or identified with Persephone .


Bust on a sarcophagus (3rd century)

Her parents are also Helios or Passas and the Euryphaessa , the one who shines from afar , another name for Theia.

Selene bore with Zeus the Pandia and Ersa ( Tau ); She has 50 daughters with Endymion , king of Elis, to whom she gave eternal sleep. One story reports that he is still asleep because Selene is said to have valued gentle kisses more than a fruitful passion. Another story tells that the generally lovable Pan seduced her in the forest, wrapped in a beautiful white fleece.

The number 50 is seen in connection with the 50 months between two Olympic Games.


At Hera's request , she is said to have created the Nemean lion , which Heracles was supposed to peel off in his first work.


Selene with Hesperos and Phosphorus on an altar in the Louvre

Selene is depicted with a veiled occiput, the crescent moon over her forehead and a torch in her hand, riding on horses or cows, also driven by a pair of horses, floating down to her darling in reliefs of Endymion, also in statuesque individual works ( Vatican ).

Surrounded by other deities, you can see her on an altar in the Louvre , where she has the setting Hesperos (evening star) in front of her , behind her the phosphorus (morning star), and below her the mask of Oceanus , the cosmic stream from which she emerges.

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The chemical element selenium is named after the titanine selene .


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