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Eberhard Otto (born February 26, 1913 in Dresden , † October 11, 1974 in Heidelberg ) was a German Egyptologist .

Otto studied from 1932 to 1937 in Leipzig, Munich and Göttingen and, after receiving his doctorate in 1938 and his habilitation in 1943, became an adjunct professor of Egyptology at the University of Hamburg in 1950 . In 1955 he went to Heidelberg University as a full professor of Egyptology . In addition to work on the religion and art of ancient Egypt , he was also known for his work on the Lexicon of Egyptology , which he edited together with Wolfgang Helck until his death . Wolfhart Westendorf was his successor for the last volumes . His most successful book was the paperback Egypt, dedicated to his wife . The path of the pharaohs' empire , which had five editions up to 1979 and was published again as a reprint in 2010.

Since 1957 he was a full member of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences .


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  • The relationship between rite and myth in Egyptian. Heidelberg 1938 (meeting reports of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences).
  • The reproach to God - On the origin of the Egyptian dispute literature. Hildesheim 1951.
  • Topography of the Theban Gau , Berlin / Leipzig 1952.
  • The biographical inscriptions of the late Egyptian period - their intellectual and literary significance. Brill, Leiden 1954.
  • Small dictionary of Egyptology. 1956 (with Wolfgang Helck ).
  • The Egyptian mouth opening ritual. Part 1: Text ; Part 2: comment . Wiesbaden 1960.
  • God and man according to the Egyptian temple inscriptions of the Greco-Roman times. Heidelberg 1964.
  • Osiris and Amun. Cult and holy places. Hirmer, Munich 1966 (with Max Hirmer ).
  • Egypt. Architecture, sculpture, painting in three millennia. 4th revised and very expanded edition, Munich 1967 (with Max Hirmer, Kurt Lange and Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt ).
  • Nature and change of the Egyptian culture. Berlin 1969.
  • Lexicon of Egyptology. 1971ff. (Ed. With Wolfgang Helck).
  • Egypt. The way of the Pharaonic Empire. Reprint of the 5th edition from 1979, Kohlhammer, Stuttgart 2010 (?), ISBN 978-3-17-005160-7 .

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