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Hans Wolfgang Helck (born September 16, 1914 in Dresden , † August 27, 1993 in Hamburg ) was a German Egyptologist .

Wolfgang Helck was a son of the classical philologist Hans Helck and his wife Gertrud. He studied in Leipzig with Georg Steindorff and in Göttingen with Hermann Kees and completed his studies in 1938 with his doctorate . As a soldier in World War II , he was taken prisoner in 1943. In 1947 he returned to Göttingen and completed his habilitation there in 1951. Helck was initially a private lecturer in Göttingen before he became an adjunct professor of Egyptology at the University of Hamburg in 1956 . From 1963 until his retirement in 1979 he was full professor there .

Helck belonged to the German Archaeological Institute and from 1981 was a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen .

He remained active after his retirement and was editor of the Lexikon der Ägyptologie , which was completed in 1992 , together with Eberhard Otto (Volume I) and, after his death, with Wolfhart Westendorf (Volumes II – VII) . Helck is considered one of the most important Egyptologists of the 20th century. He published a variety of books and articles on the history of Egyptian and Near Eastern cultures.

Publications (selection)

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Editor and co-author
  • Problems of Egyptology. Brill, Leiden 1953 ff.
  • Egyptological treatises (ÄA). Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden 1960 ff.
  • Small Egyptian texts (KÄT). Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden 1969 ff.
  • Lexicon of Egyptology. Volume I – VII, Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden 1975–1992 (together with Wolfhart Westendorf , in the preparatory phase also Eberhard Otto ).


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