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Egmont Ehapa Media GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 1951
Seat Berlin
management Klaus-Thorsten Firnig
Branch publishing company

The Egmont Ehapa Media GmbH in Berlin , founded in 1951 under the name Ehapa publishing house is a German publishing house for comics and children's magazines. It is a subsidiary of the Scandinavian Egmont media group based in Copenhagen. The former Egmont Ehapa Verlag has been operating under the name Egmont Ehapa Media GmbH since 2014 .


Former logo

In 1878 Egmont Harald Petersen opened his own printing house in Copenhagen , which was to form the basis for the publishing house. The first big success was the family magazine Hjemmet in 1904, which still exists in Scandinavia today. In 1914, for the inauguration of a large printing works, the Gutenberghus, Egmont was given the title of royal printing house.

1948 succeeded to the publisher, the rights to the Disney - Comics secure for many European countries. In 1951, Ehapa, a German branch, was founded. The name Ehapa is derived from the initials of the company founder Egmont Harald Petersen ( E Ha P a). The publishing house was in Leinfelden-Echterdingen for decades , but was relocated to Berlin in 2001. The managing director from 1972 to 1988 was Adolf Kabatek , who also emerged as a comic author. Under Kabatek and his successor Eckart Bültermann , Egmont Ehapa advanced to become one of the major comic book publishers in Germany. In 1991 the Reiner Feest Verlag was bought up. Under this label, Appleseed, the publisher's first manga , appeared in February 1994 . More manga followed, but the big breakthrough came in 1997 with Sailor Moon . The Remus Verlag was also taken over by Egmont.

Logo until 2014.

The best-known comic series from Egmont Ehapa include Disney comics such as Micky Mouse (since 1951) and Disney's Lustiges Taschenbuch (since 1967), Asterix (since 1968) and Lucky Luke (since 1977, previously with Koralle-Verlag ).

While these series make up a large part of the publisher's external image, sales are primarily generated in other areas: As the market leader in this segment, Egmont Ehapa publishes various children's and youth magazines, mostly under license. These include magazines such as Winnie the Pooh , Disney Princess , Barbie , Monster High , Wendy , SpongeBob , Benjamin Blümchen , Galileo genial , Hello Kitty or Yps .

The publisher's publications have been awarded the Max and Moritz Prize several times .

Egmont Group

Besides Egmont Ehapa in Germany belonging Egmont publishing companies to Egmont Group . Both companies have been under joint management since November 2013, but remain separate. The middle editions , at times publisher of the German edition of the men's magazine FHM , were discontinued at the end of 2010.

Egmont Interactive

Egmont Interactive was a subsidiary of Egmont Ehapa Verlag, which acted as a publisher of computer games .

Egmont Interactive, for example, published the title Pirates: Captain's Quest in Germany in 1997 .

At the end of the 1990s, the company worked with the company dtp entertainment to publish computer games , so the games Sanitarium - Der Wahnsinn ist in Dir , The longest Journey and a PC game about Sailor Moon were released on the German-speaking market. As a result, a cooperation agreement was signed with dtp in 2000 and the joint label called Shoebox was founded in March 2001 . On March 15th, Gothic , which was developed by the then Bochum Phenomedia subsidiary Piranha Bytes , was released, the most successful PC game produced by Shoebox .

In September 2001 Egmont Interactive announced surprisingly that it would cease business activities on September 30, 2001. The games distributed by Egmont Interactive and the joint label Shoebox were continued by dtp. The closure of Egmont Interactive was justified by a global restructuring at Egmont Ehapa Verlag. Only one in five employees was retained within the publishing house, the other four employees were dismissed.

By then, Egmont Ehapa Verlag had been active on the computer games market with Egmont Interactive for almost six years.

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