Decoration of honor of the Bavarian Prime Minister

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The decoration of the Bavarian Prime Minister for services in honorary office

The honorary badge of the Bavarian Prime Minister (also honorary badge for merits in honorary office or honorary badge for merits of women and men active in voluntary office ) is an honorary recognition given in the Free State of Bavaria for many years of excellent voluntary work, which was created in 1994.

Award criteria

The badge of honor can be given to people who have performed outstanding services through active work in clubs , organizations and other communities with cultural , sporting , social or other charitable goals. The earnings should primarily have been rendered in the local area and should generally last at least 15 years. Everyone has the right to propose.

Appearance and texture

When designing the badge of honor, the Order of Merit of the Bavarian Crown adopted the eight-armed, sixteen-pointed, white enameled cross with a medallion in the center, surrounded by an oak wreath .

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