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A unified union is a union that can be the union home for all employees regardless of their political or ideological convictions. The prerequisite for this is a strict neutrality of this union in political and ideological questions.

Critics doubt that this is possible and refer to the established in almost all European countries towards unions . The idea of ​​the unified union is one of the demands of the survivors of the concentration camps . In the resolutions, manifestos and declarations of the survivors e.g. B. of the Buchenwald concentration camp , the demand for a unified trade union that organizes the workers across party lines keeps cropping up (see Buchenwald Popular Front Committee ).

After the National Socialists forcibly dissolved the unions that had existed in Germany up to that point in 1933 and replaced them with the German Labor Front (DAF), a discussion about a new beginning began after the end of the war. The theory that the “turmoil” of the German trade unions made it easier for the NSDAP to take power and the question of whether a unified trade union could prevent this in the future also played a role . Another theory was that one had to counter the unity in the employer camp with a unified organization in order to be successful. The two theoretical approaches have still not been conclusively clarified.

The establishment of the unified trade unions was also favored by the policy of the Allies , which refused to allow the unions to be re-admitted. In later years, because of the criticized political one-sidedness of the DGB in favor of the SPD, various, above all the “ Christian trade unions ” were founded.

The DGB sees itself "since its foundation in 1949 (...) committed to the principle of the unified trade union: (...) pluralistic and independent, but by no means politically neutral." This is contradicted by the Christian Metal Union .


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