Railway construction

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Welding rails, 1990
Laying of new rails, 2015
Construction of a superstructure with gravel in Worms main station

The railway construction , often as track construction referred to is a part of the transport construction sector and thus of civil engineering .

It includes the planning and construction of all the infrastructure of the railway . This includes the route , safety technology and access and exit options for rail transport .

Railway construction includes

This includes creating / tearing down overtaking stations , setting up / dismantling signals and raising / lowering the maximum permitted line speed .

The rail network in the Federal Republic of Germany included in 2005 about 36,000 kilometers ( DB AG ). The requirements for the individual routes result from the number of trains expected in the future and the resulting timetables . The implementation of these requirements (tracks, sufficient number of signals and overtaking stations) is the task of railway construction.


The British rock band Genesis released the song Driving The Last Spike on their album We Can't Dance in 1991 . The text, written by Phil Collins , describes railway construction in the early days of the railway in England from the point of view of workers who, at the risk of their lives and their health, did their hard work separated from their families. The song describes, among other things, an accident during the construction of a railroad tunnel , the rest is about the conditions under which the workers worked and their personal experiences.

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