El Tigre (Venezuela)

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El Tigre
Coordinates: 8 ° 53 ′  N , 64 ° 16 ′  W
Map: Anzoátegui
El Tigre
El Tigre on the map of Anzoátegui
Basic data
Country Venezuela
State Anzoátegui
City foundation 23/02/1933
Residents 236,566 
City insignia
Escudo Municipio Simón Rodríguez.jpg
Bandera Municipio Simón Rodríguez.jpg
Detailed data
height 265  m
Time zone UTC -4: 00
City Presidency Ernesto Raydan
Avenida Francisco de Miranda

El Tigre is a city in the Venezuelan state of Anzoátegui . It is the administrative seat of the municipality of Simón Rodríguez. The population is around 275,000 people.


When the Spaniards came, the area was populated by Caribs (Kari'ña). In 1776 several Karib families asked the Franciscans to establish a mission station there. This is how the San Máximo Mission was born . In 1783 Luis de Chavez y Mendoza, judge at the Real Audiencia of Santo Domingo , to which the Capitanía General de Venezuela belonged until 1786, came to this area on the occasion of a visitation . He suggested setting up a settlement in this area. This happened. In 1797 the Franciscans founded the village of Santa Gertrudis de Tigre, inhabited by Kari'ña . The first pastor was the Franciscan Francisco Pérez del Río.

During the wars of independence , many independence fighters found shelter in this region.

The Monagas family owned several haciendas in the area. In 1840 the Spanish landowner Teodoro Falcón Campos founded the Hacienda El Tigre.

El Tigre began to develop when the first oil fields in the region encouraged immigration. El Tigre was officially founded on February 3, 1923.


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