El caballo blanco

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Original title El caballo blanco
Country of production Mexico , Spain
original language Spanish
Publishing year 1962
length 98 minutes
Director Rafael Baledón
script Adolfo Torres Portillo
Jaime Garcia Herranz
production Gonzalo Elvira
Cesaréo Gonzálaz
music Manuel Esperón
camera Rosalío Solano
cut Carlos Savage

El caballo blanco is a western from a Mexican-Spanish co-production. The film directed by Rafael Baledón and starring the popular singer / actor Joselito was shot in 1961. A German-language premiere did not take place; the film was first shown in Mexico on February 15, 1962.


At the end of the 19th century, Joselito's parents died; so the boy is sent to his grandmother in Mexico. On the way to the village where she lives, the carriage in which Joselito is traveling is ambushed by bandits. After a successful escape, he wanders around and meets the rancher Antonio, with whom he stays and with whom he befriends. He received riding lessons and a white horse as a gift, on which Antonio accompanied him to his grandmother in Ocatlan. Since she has a lot of gold, Joselito is kidnapped by bandits who hope for a ransom. When the leader of the gang is recognized by Joselito as the one who also led the carriage robbery, he tries to kill the boy. He is rescued by Antonio, but his white horse is fatally injured. Then they return to the grandmother; Antonio marries Joselito's teacher Juliet and becomes his stepfather.


“The simple plot was staged with modest demands,” says Alfaro de la Vega. Photography was praised.


Songs that Joselito interprets are El emigrante , Princesita , Lucerito and El pastor . Antonio Aguilar sings El corrido del caballo blanco and together, the song Malaguena Salerosa presented

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