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Eladio Victoria

Eladio "Quiquí" Victoria y Victoria (born July 30, 1864 in Baní , † July 27, 1939 in Santiago de los Caballeros ) was a Dominican politician and President of the Dominican Republic .


In the course of his political career, he was a member of governments several times and as such was temporarily State Secretary for Buildings and Public Works (Secretario de Estado de Fomento y Obras Públicas), Minister for Public Education (Ministro de Instrucción Pública) and Minister of Treasury and Trade (Ministro de Hacienda y Comercio). He was also a senator .

After Ramón Cáceres was overthrown , he was appointed provisional president of the Dominican Republic on December 2, 1911 as his successor . In the presidential elections of February 1912 he prevailed with 550 electoral votes against his opponents, who achieved a total of only 79 electoral votes. The real strong man in his government, however, was his nephew, War Minister General Alfredo Victoria. However, since he was only 27 years old, he could not take up the office of President himself. When he took office he had the support of the USA and the supporters of the former President Juan Isidro Jiménez (Jiministas), but not the supporters of the "Horacistas", the supporters of the former President Horacio Vásquez , who together with the troops of General Desiderio Arias against the government of the Victoria family started a war that went down under the name "Guerra de los Quiquises" as one of the most costly battles in Dominican history. Victoria spent considerable funds to secure his hold on power, but this led to the US giving up its backing, fearing financial and economic losses for resident US companies. Because of this, the US government sent armed forces to resolve the conflict. The result of this effort was the resignation of President Victoria and his nephew on November 26, 1912.

Two days later, Archbishop Adolfo Alejandro Nouel , a brother-in-law of his sister, was elected his successor, who assumed the office of President on December 1, 1912.


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Ramón Cáceres President of the Dominican Republic
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