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Emil Voigt 1908

Emil Robert Voigt (born January 31, 1883 in Ardwick , † October 16, 1973 in Auckland , New Zealand ) was a British athlete whose parents came from Germany.

Emil Voigt won his five-mile run in the 1908 Olympic Games in 26: 13.4 minutes with a half-minute lead. Voigt won the final in 25: 11.2 minutes, ten seconds ahead of fellow countryman Edward Owen .

At the British Championships of the Amateur Athletic Association Voigt won the 4-mile run in 1908 and 1909. In 1910 he was AAA champion over a mile.

In 1911 Emil Voigt emigrated to Australia and founded a radio station there. He was chairman of the Australian Federation of Broadcasting Stations for 12 years. In 1948 he moved from Australia to New Zealand .

5 mile run

While the Olympic Games from 1896 to 1904 did not run a distance between 1,500 meters and a marathon , the 1906 Intermediate Games and the 1908 Olympic Games hosted a 5-mile run, which corresponds to a metric distance of 8046.57 meters . From the Olympic Games in 1912, the 5000-meter run and the 10,000-meter run were held.


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